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[Switch] Big talk programming: workflow visualization development on the. net quick development platform and the. net quick development platform

Hello, everyone! I also have my own blog. Today I will share with you my experience on QR code. As a programmer, I have been "immersed" in system development for a long time! Oh, no, no, it's a business!

Today, I will share with you the workflow design process! When talking about the design of this workflow, we should start with my boss! The situation is as follows:

Boss: "John, I have a small task for you !"

Me: "lead, do you have anything to say, for the sake of the company, I can shed the last drop of blood !"

Boss: "I like your kind of motivated employee who loves your company and loves your work! The leave process design task for this branch office will be handed over to you, which is very tight. You will give it to me in the past two days !"

At the beginning, I was full of confidence. I have never met anyone in the world! I have not participated in the development of any function or system! Joke! However, my boss is very hard at me. It takes only two days for me to get rid of any basic prototype. I'm going ?! How can I make a wool ?! Fortunately, Brother Six has a wide network of contacts, and he is in a hurry! A buddy gave me a quick development tool! I will publish the tool address in this article! It was really helpful. It was very reliable. I almost offered my chrysanthemum! Oh, no, it's a knee!

The specific design process of the leave flow is as follows:

In the company's leave process, you must first have a leave form. With this development tool, creating a form is not a matter of minutes! You don't need your own verification code!

I will share with you my experience in developing workflows using this development tool, hoping to help you.

First, the design of the workflow is inseparable from the design of the Form. Therefore, we should first start the design of the form.

When I entered this interface, I was shocked. This UI artist, our company's artist is weak, OK ?!

Click form center-Form Design in the top menu bar to enter the form design interface. Click the personnel class in the form type on the left to enter the form interface of the personnel class.


Click the Add button on the right of the form design interface to enter the new form interface, select a custom form (create table), and click Create form


Next, you can design a custom form. First, enter the corresponding basic configuration and select the corresponding database table and primary key.


Next, design the form interface.


Click Next and save. This office worker's favorite ticket is complete!


This is really amazing. cainiao can quickly complete form design!

You can also view the example of the Application Form to help you quickly understand the basic design of the application form.


Click the common example on the top-side taskbar-Application Form to go to the Application Form Sample Page and view the example of the application form.



Click the Add button to see a blank example of a ticket!

Is it convenient! You can also add attachments!


The form design is completed in just a few minutes, and the learning cost is really low. This is also a good start! Next, let's take a look at this momentum and complete the workflow design in one breath!

Click workflow-Process Design-process design to go to the process design page.


On the process design page, click Add in the toolbar to go to the custom process design page.


Click Next and select the person who can initiate the process.


After selecting a person, click Next to create the process! It's my simple design process. How can this kind of thing be my old fool that has been bumping around in the workplace all the year round! The leave process has already been thoroughly understood!


Next, we will set the nodes of the process in detail.


Select reviewer


Set permission assignment


Select the corresponding SQL statement to add


The other two nodes are also configured here to easily complete node settings! At this point, we all lamented that we didn't get started with this development tool! This efficiency! This is a simple operation! Good news! Gospel Amida!

Set the flow condition below!



Is it very simple and convenient! This completes the process.


Just click Next and save. This process has been established! Is it very simple! I cannot help but show my knees to the boss who developed this quick development tool!

Experience address: 8090/, User name: System, password: 0000

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