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Bing Maps Android SDK is a GIS development API developed based on Microsoft Bing Maps Ajax V7 control in Java language and released on codeplex open source, to help Android Developers create map applications based on Microsoft Bing Maps Ajax V7 ControlProgram.


Project address: Http://

Function list:

-Built on top of Bing Maps Ajax V7
-Touch controls added to support pinch to zoom, and double tap to zoom
-Majority of map functionalities are wrapped with Java code so that there is no need to write JavaScript code. This shocould make things easier for Android Developers.
-Requires Bing Maps key
-Supports pushpins, polylines, polygons, entitycollections, and tilelayers.
-Libraries for accessing Bing Maps rest Service supports geocoding (address and query searches), reverse geocoding, routing with support for all route options.
-Libraries for accessing Bing Spatial Data Service supports findbyarea, findbyid, and findbyproperty.
-All service CILS have an asynchronous task which make requests to bing servers and parses the response on a background tread.
-Works in any orientation.
-Infobox support.
-Support for georss files.

Future Plan:

-Support for localization.
-Documentation of code, and articles on how to use the SDK to create an application.
-UI controls for rotating Birdseye view.
-Best map view support for data.
-Location Details View.




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