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Moderator: Fangley (TechWeb technology Broadband host)

Guest: Uncle Bing (ZDNet executive planning, famous it Comment blog er)

Fang: Good afternoon friends, the guests introduced today is ZDNet Uncle Bing.

Bing: Good afternoon, today I have the honor to talk with the beauty of the video anchor Fangley to tell you about this it turmoil, this it, in fact, she is a real lake. Why are you saying she's a quack? Because Mr. Jin Yong said, there are people in the lake. So you say it is not the lake, that is not true. We are talking about this thing today, I do not know Fangley you are prepared to do not, I said is a big man ah.

Fang: (Laughs) I'm a little disturbed.

Bing: What is disturbed, is not Alibaba Jack Ma Mody? He's married too, what else can he do? We say to everyone today, not Alibaba, she is Ali mother. Do you know what I've been doing for the next 2 days?

Fang: I don't know.

Bing: I have a notebook, lying on the world Wide Web, desperately to note the domain name, found Ali series of all people registered, I want to register what, Ali brother Ah, Ali sister Ah, what Ali aunt Ah.

Party: (laughter)

Bing: It's all been taken, it's been robbed, the reason is to Alibaba Jack Ma, you think, horse cloud he did things, that all come money ah, with the father and mother he gave birth to children, Ali brother, Ali sister, one, foetuses, three, four-child ... My book to the story, today said is, Ma Yun Why do Ali mother? Do you need a reason? Does Mr Ma need a reason to do something?

When Ma Yun does Taobao, do you need a reason? Say is not good to listen to Alibaba is more lonely, you think he a person's life, how lonely, Beijing so big, in Hangzhou city, you think of Ruhuasiyu, how also have to get a Ali mother, you say yes.

Party: (laughter)

Bing: You are not happy, do not happy, I this is to let you say something, the point is, Ali mother is mainly for Kai-Fu Lee, Lee is who? Is Google China's president, Dr. Lee to create China for nearly 200 years no situation, the previous international enterprises to do the internet to China are not acclimatized, such as this ebay, Yahoo is not the spirit. To google this, Li Kai-fu Lee doctor a mountain, a good voice ah, do not believe you ask to go to the dog, they daily also said, Kai-fu Lee Good ah, kai-fu Lee not to Google, that Sogou input method to promote not to go out Ah, Li Kaifu representative of Google is dedicated to the vast number of small

Do you want to earn a penny? Then you put a gg-in Russia's Nest, what is it called? ads! Right. There is a point after he paid the kind of money, this is a very lucrative business, people are the real Nasdaq listed companies, you help me check Google's market capitalisation how much? How much is the stock price now?

Fang: Well ... I don't know.

Bing: (-_-#) You don't want to say LV, you can't wear that treasure posture, everyone attention, if, Alibaba to Nasdaq listing, that Ali mother may be listed in the domestic, we must pay attention to this thing, like Ali brother, Ali sister these shares, Ma Yun do things, that must be able to earn money. The things that Jack Ma do, in fact, is very simple, in fact, he is to all those online small sites, including Taobao that shop has a advertising and money-making platform and mechanism.

And then, for example, you're on Taobao, I am that open shop, Taobao business is not good enough, but I am a big flow, because I sell sexy underwear or something, in case who came to me to cast two ads, then I earn this money than selling sexy underwear strong ah, right? So, I have no place to find someone to advertise to me, I can not pay agency fees, this suddenly, with the dear Ali mother, Ali mother, I can be sheltered in Ali Mother's arms under.

Side: The Gospel of the vast majority of refugees.

Bing: That's good, after I sell things, sell ads, sell ads, I have money to buy things, prosperity. Before going to Taobao, everyone is just a commodity trading, Taobao countless traffic, how to say it, in fact, pressure in Sun Tong yu body, Sun Tong Yu have to put these flows into advertising ah, tired ah, Sun Tong Yu now than before also tired handsome, you say this thing is odd strange? So, back to the theme, she benefited so much after, but she has a knock-on effect, Lee Kai-fu, Dr. Li's day is not necessarily better, because they are serving the 2 are a bunch of people.

Before, you said I this sexy underwear, how do I attract such a large flow ah? Not all in Google Advertising center to cast keywords it? The previous traffic that all depends on the search engine past, but, now they are very expensive ah, do this more people, and now Ali mother put us this kind of people all together, we have a chance to be rich, this is a good thing ah?

So you have to say, why the domain name, I understand, you also nodded the matter, you said that the smart people do not all early, you think. Therefore, I advise you netizens, do not like me to rush to the domain name, I think you can consider, consider this, hey, you say how we can from Ali mother that make some money ah?

Side: Flow can be converted to money, Ali mother to the flow of traffic are turned away, then how to do now?

Bing: Traffic? Don't I have a little traffic? I mean, the whole point of Alibaba's IPO before the money.

Party: cooperate with him.

Bing: That other people have Ali mother, Ali brother, this is a family business, who is ready to cooperate with you AH? In fact, frankly, people want to go public, people are going to be a bit of the future to improve the space, even if he is Jiangnan spring second, it is not so, but you have to think, if I Sun Tong Yu, Everyone is Sun Tong Yu, that will be listed, you said that Google 500 dollars, how do we get 150? So I thought, today I'm going to be in this interview, mainly with everyone grumble, stay up late, nothing laozhao, so I advise you, all Ma Yun do business, you want to take advantage of his cheap, is basically wishful thinking, but, anyway, you idle is also idle, your shop is open not also open, right? You try, if, in case, if you can take advantage of the price, this horse cloud after eating meat for you to share some soup. So today I can say is about the same, then please Fangley to conclude, said that there are three categories of people can benefit from Ali mother.

Fang: How do I know which three types of people.

Bing: is a man and a woman, both men and women, yes, because the core, you want to put on Ali mother on this Audi car ads is obviously unrealistic, you can only from men, women and ... No, no, no. Garbage flow to do a bit of garbage contribution, I think it is almost, ah.

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