Black technical details of how PHP objects are converted to arrays

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Usually in PHP, it takes a bit of effort to work with an array of objects.
But here today, I'm telling you a so-easy black technology to solve this problem.

<?php/** * Created by Phpstorm. * USER:ZRJ * date:17-10-20 * Time: PM 8:08 */declare (Strict_types=1);//Open strong Type mode class person{public    $name;    public $age;    Public function __construct (string $name, int $age)    {        $this->name = $name;        $this->age = $age;    }} $jack = new Person (' Jack '); Echo Print_r ($jack, true); echo "<p>";//object to array $jack = Json_decode (Json_encode ($jack) , true); Echo Print_r ($jack, true);

Let's look at the results:

Person Object (    [name] + Jack    [age] + =) Array (    [name] + Jack    [age] + 18)

Thinking Analysis:

    1. The object is first json_encode processed into a JSON string.

    2. The converted JSON string is json_decode processed.

      Json_decode (Json_encode ($obj), true);


Advantages: Simple and quick.

Disadvantage: Double-fold memory is consumed.

The correct get posture:

The object itself occupies memory hours and can be used directly.

When the object itself occupies a large memory (such as thousands of records to form a DataSet object), twice times of memory may result in exceeding the memory limit of PHP and an exception occurs.

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