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The popular BlackBerry fans and the tablet PlayBook favored by RIM have recently encountered a "deep dive" dilemma: the launch soon announced the recall of thousands of hosts, because users had trouble working on the screen while loading protocols, this step is a required program for user registration and cannot be completed, which means that the PlayBook in hand is useless. At present, RIM is stepping up its replacement of these devices, hoping to rekindle users' confidence in its resistance to Apple's iPad 2.

How can BlackBerry PlayBook rival iPad 2? This time, we have changed the dimension. According to the report of the Financial Times Chris naol, from the perspective of foreign media people, how do foreign users evaluate both advantages and disadvantages.


Transfer to Apple and Android

RIM's first tablet BlackBerry PlayBook was available in the U.S. and Canada markets in April and will be available in other markets later this quarter. Although early BlackBerry users were very fond of this new device, non-believers now either like Android or have been replaced by Steve Jobs) the "magic and revolutionary" devices are all fascinated. RIM is facing a major problem: whether it can block users from moving to other platforms, or even reverse user flows. According to data from Gartner, in the fourth quarter of last year, RIM's share of the global smartphone market fell to 20% from nearly 14% in the fourth quarter of the previous year.


The screen keyboard is just a replacement

First, there is a bad news for users who try to review the features they once knew and liked. Compared with the real keyboard on a BlackBerry smartphone, the PlayBook screen keyboard is only a substitute, and there is no convenient way to access enterprise email. The strange thing is that there is still a lack of key applications on PlayBook, which means that it is not as similar as a business product as a competing product of Samsung Galaxy tablet.

In addition, given RIM's security experience, we thought PlayBook would have more security features than competitors. However, in fact, it lacks some basic functions and does not have the "find my PlayBook" function similar to the free iPad service. It cannot help you find the whereabouts of the missing device.


The purpose of a PlayBook can be seen from its name: its purpose is obviously more entertainment than commerce, but it was the first business user to use BlackBerry smartphones.

From the screen size, PlayBook is smaller than 9.7 inch of iPad 2 and 10.1 inch of Motorola Xoom, But it displays almost the same amount of information and is very meticulous. The PlayBook resolution is 1024x600. The display density is 169 pixels per inch, which is equivalent to that of the Galaxy tablet. the iPad 2 Resolution is 1024x768, and only 132 pixels per inch.

The random high-definition video sample shows that the PlayBook can present rich colors. With the help of its dual-core processor, the sample does not have any noticeable pauses during playback. Thanks to the support for the 1080p format, PlayBook provides full HD functions.

PlayBook has built-in gyroscope and accelerometer for complex motion control games. It also has a built-in GPS chip and a mobile card (digital compass), which can be used for real-time path planning. The Android tablet provides software that uses this function. What is puzzling again is that PlayBook does not currently provide such software.


PlayBook contains third-party music stores and bookstores, such as 7 Digital and Kobo, but there are no movie or TV series stores. In addition, there are few business applications, including calculators, note recording software, electronic splitters, and corresponding software for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. However, there are no contacts, calendars, instant messaging, and Video Phone applications. E-mails can only be accessed through the Web mail service in the built-in browser.

Before PlayBook was released, there were very few apps available for download in App World, which was disappointing. However, RIM said that developers have submitted more than 3000 applications. RIM said that this summer, PlayBook software will be able to run regular BlackBerry and Android applications, but they are all designed for small smartphone screens.

This severely limits the competitiveness of PlayBook against iPad 2, which has more than 65 thousand applications.

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