Blockchain technology Application _ Blockchain technology application How big is the market?

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Blockchain technology Application _ Blockchain technology application How big is the market?

The impact of blockchain technology has been growing rapidly since 2015. At the time, the arcane technology behind the digital currency was likely to change the financial system. Cut

By the end of 2016, big companies such as Bank of America and Goldman Sachs have said blockchain technology has huge potential, and their patent filings are up to twice times that of the beginning of the year.

The enthusiasm for the blockchain has only increased, and it has expanded beyond financial services, and SAP and other global organizations are actively developing ways to eliminate business transactions

Friction and risk.

Although the blockchain is promising, the business world has underestimated its ability to change deals, organizations and industries. This ability could eventually change the entire economic world.

Trustworthy data and mutual communication are the cornerstones of the digital economy. As the real world becomes more and more quantifiable, the integrity and source of digital and material assets can be ensured, as well as

The deals they deal with will become a core competitive advantage, and the blockchain is designed to embed such guarantees in each transaction. Distributed ledger, Smart contracts

and other blockchain technologies can form the basis for other exponential-level technology integration and expansion.

The new cloud Professional software collaborative industry ecosystem chain platform. Integrated IT industry excellent product managers, so that users at home can connect to the national excellent product managers to help themselves to comb the need

To let users know what their project is made of, and put the profit point in the market.

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