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Start from July 1, 2014. I got myself a promotion. from Autodesk ADN Devtech Department manager promoted to leaf total.

Working at Autodesk for 7 years and 4 months is a passion. A happy work experience. 14 years ago, when I was in grad school. Two development on AutoCAD (Master's topic is to build a finite element process of pre-processing modeling software), to increase Autodesk is my dream. 7 years later, dreams become reality. Autodesk is a great company to know after him. More respect. Here met ADN senior Director of good boss Jim Quanci (San Francisco, USA) Mr., can with his colleagues for 7 years I my lifetime wealth.

His perseverance, his selfless dedication to Autodesk, his staff to the greatest degree of care and concern, his pursuit of technology and depth have deeply affected me.

My two direct managers: Kean warmsly (British nationality in Switzerland) and Stephen Preston (British immigrant American company headquarters) are my mentor, the rigorous style of their work. The pursuit of technology and the open mentality of subordinates. I have learned some management skills. My technical manager Mikako Harada (Japanese, working in the United States) Nice, rigorous, diligent so that I know the details are so important, how to manage the details.

Thanks to our colleagues in Autodesk, AEC sales team, and colleagues in the marketing team, especially the ADN China team and the Leo, Phil, Tao of the Shanghai Autodesk Research and Development Center (ACRD).

In the past 7 years, I have done a few things mainly.


To promote the development of China Revt Two development, provide knowledge and technical advice. Through classroom training, to large-scale institutions on-site training, online lectures, blogging and other ways. Lectures on size, training, speeches for large conferences, such as AU, video tutorials, etc., are probably more than 30.

Previous training to large institutions and units:

Go to Customer Unit



China Academy of Building Science

Revit structure advanced Two development, and on-site consulting solutions for structural issues

1 days

Beijing Explorer Software

Revit Two Development Basics training and Revit Structure API training and Solution Consulting

2 plays

Beijing Li Zheng Software

Revit Two Development Basics training and solution Consulting


Two China Airlines (Wuhan)

Two basic training in Revit development and consulting for the terminal industry BIM Solutions

2 days

China Architectural Design and Research Institute

Revit Two development Project troubleshooting questions


Hong Kong Golden Gate Gammon Company (Construction industry big guy)

Revit Two Development intermediate training and solution Consulting

2.5 days

Beijing Ying Jianke

Revit Structure Two-time development solution Consulting


Iron One hospital

Guang Lian da Software co., Ltd.

Railway industry Revit Solutions two development training and troubleshooting consulting

FAQ for the wide-reach and Revit interface

1 days



Answer some of the questions from the global two-time Revit developer. A total of more than 2000 questions should be answered in a consultation.

Also contains large China region do Revit two times development company and add ADN have received my online troubleshooting questions


Since 2011, we have managed the Devtech team in China.

Be trusted by colleagues and bosses.

Learn how to build and manage successful and efficient teams.

Self-summary. In the above three aspects, I have done some results. The best time of my 30-37-year-old life.

Looking ahead, BIM development in full swing, let me also have the idea of entrepreneurship. To surf the tide, as I said in my blog title, is surfing in the tide of BIM.

The reason for choosing this time is also due to the need to take care of family. Children more than three years old, Grandpa grandmother physical reasons to go home, we bring the children ourselves. For physical reasons. Sometimes you can't send a kindergarten, so you need to take care of your family.

So I am very sorry to choose to leave the great Autodesk. Have flexible time to take care of your child's needs.

Although it is not a full-time official for Autodesk. I also continued working as a temporary worker for Autodesk for 1-2 days a week (. (Temporary work.) Oh. This work ends December 31, 2014)

Other time. I will invest in BIM development. Develop a Revit plugin for users in China.


Here are my personal past experiences.

Hubei Huanggang People, settled in Beijing.

High school attended Qi (voice flag) Spring County Lishizhen Middle School.

1995 admitted to Shijiazhuang Railway University (now known) construction project Department of Civil Engineering study. Good grades, often won scholarships.

1999 entered the Baotou Iron and Steel Institute for a master's degree. Tianzhichang, professor of structural seismic and analysis, is developing a finite element modeling (pre-processing) program based on AutoCAD to master the two-time development techniques on AutoCAD.

2002 added Beijing software, has successively developed Project division, Senior Development Project division, Project manager, CAD Professional software department deputy director. Engaged in a large number of domestic users of the project Geological Survey Software (GICAD) research and development, geotechnical testing data processing software research and development there is part of the time to explore the development of geographic information systems.  The 2007 plan was to be promoted to a departmental director, choosing more interesting architectural and structural work to increase Autodesk. Li Zheng is also my esteemed company, in the industry I feel is also very good club. So far, we have maintained a very good relationship with the company and our old colleagues.

March 2007 added Autodesk ADN Department, developed consultant, senior developer consultant and manager of ADN Devtech China team.

The main thrust of the two-time Revit development work, detailed work see the above summary. And there is a blog, a lot of video recording, gradually known by the industry. After adding Autodesk, the working language is English. So English is more proficient in reading and writing. In Hong Kong for the Gammon company to do 3 days of training in English to do. Also wrote some English blog articles .

In recent years in the spare. The moderator facilitated the development of a Revit two-time development plugin (Olive Hill quick-mode). The free version of the project's results is available free of charge to anyone, and the plugin is widely used in domestic revit users. is the flagship plug-in of the domestic Revit, the industry has been two times open to follow the plug-in. ( Many others know about the Olive Mountain Quick Model ).

From the revenue return, Autodesk can give me better treatment and benefits, should make me and the family all needs to enrich.

But I like the new entrepreneurial challenge, the hard to make this decision to increase the enthusiasm of the entrepreneurial team. Challenge your limits and motivate yourself to exercise your potential.

Welcome to cooperate with our company to negotiate research and development business, not limited to domestic and foreign customers are welcome to contact.

Contact e-mail: [Email protected]

Faced with the future of BIM entrepreneurship, we will position a direction to persist in doing it. Make out with everyone. For China's BIM development.

I wish you all a pleasant work.

Sativus into Joe.


Email: [Email protected]

Tel: 13051468687

PostScript: November 2014, Beijing Olive Mountain Software Co., Ltd. was founded. As general manager and chief development

Blogger-the founder of the Olive Mountain Software-its people

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