Blogging for a year in the blog Park is not just about writing skills-I can always stay positive in my study and work attitude

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In a blink of an eye, I have been blogging in the garden for 1 years. First use some data to show the results of the year.

1 fans are currently 414 people. 2 ranked 3788, 3,000 people still have a distance, still need to work hard. 3 A recent weekly blog post, although some of the blog has chicken soup elements, but think that most of the blog post has dry goods, can help everyone. 4 How to introduce your project experience in an interview (11269), this blog post currently gains a 10000+ click and increases by a daily average of 100 hits. 5 Some articles have reached the level of "enough to be pirated", especially for posts with a higher volume of clicks. 6 I am more pleased that some of the public number of friends to contact me, I hope that some of my articles, this is the quality of my article affirmation.

If the light show the results, it is somewhat ostentatious ingredients, so the text combined with their own experience, strongly recommend that everyone also write a blog.

1 Write a weekly blog, let me find a satisfactory job

In our line of work, the pressure is greater, because technology is constantly updated, and the software industry has 35-year-old phenomenon.

If I spend my business hours on the game, maybe as I get older, the salary may stay at a low level. By writing a blog post, I can at least spend some of my business hours in my studies, although there is no necessary connection between finding a job and blogging, but through a systematic summary, it helps me a lot.

1 I've written some of the spring cloud and Java basics, and by summarizing it, I've been able to build a solid foundation so I can successfully change jobs.

2 I also summed up a lot of Java interview experience, in exchange for work, I also press this to come, so change the work I also more gratified.

If you also want to change jobs, we may wish to learn and write a blog, summed up one or more of their highlights, such as my Spring Cloud micro-service architecture, Java core Code, and then systematically in the interview, so that will be able to impress the interviewer.

2 Write a blog, more is to summarize their own learning, upgrading skills can be written on the resume

In addition to giving a bright spot, by writing a blog, we can all-round to improve their ability, said my practice.

1 before I tried wrong through the interview, I found my weakness: the architecture does not even know the common components of distributed architecture, technically only know work, no summary. In this regard, I listed the interview questions, to summarize the technical list I want to learn, such as spring Cloud Ribbon,hystrix, and then read the other people's articles, to see what to learn.

2 then build yourself a project that can run, so that you know the point of this technique in practice. And then think about how this technique should work in real-world projects? (This is important, as the general interviewer asks.)

3 Later, I wrote a featured blog on this issue, such as about Eureka and ribbon integration, or database optimization.

4 written, we can write on the resume, familiar with the XX technology, interview, and then talk about the use of practice, and then a sentence, which I wrote a blog post.

So, on the one hand, we can summarize and improve the comprehensive skills, on the other hand (and most important), can prove to the interviewer that he is in the actual project, know some of the use of valuable technology. Compared to the interview I wrote before and after the blog, I found that on my resume, I dared list more skills, and these have practical experience, not only theoretical experience, so it is not afraid of the interviewer asked.

3 through the blog, can constantly improve their ability to manage time, but also to improve the implementation of the Power

In fact, most people's learning talent and intelligence are similar, 3 years after graduation, good schools and general schools to bring the impact of the fact will slowly disappear, at this time, in addition to everyone to work hard, in particular, the impact of the promotion of the fact that the following two questions: first, how to effectively manage time, second, When you know how to learn, how to do it effectively.

Through constant trial and error, I found that reading my blog can solve both problems well.

1 I write a blog, the previous study estimated to spend 2-5 hours, including understanding the concept, build the project and let it run up. There will be more time if you encounter a pit.

2 This time is not continuous, such as when I work late, this evening is only 1 hours of usable time, or for example, I get up late this morning, also half an hour to write time.

3 by summing up, I found myself in a better position to manage time, such as knowing Jianfengchazhen, writing blogs in the evenings, and writing code in the morning (because of the Good Morning mind). To my help, I also cured my lazy habit, before blogging, because nothing to do, in some scenarios, I would prefer to lazy, rather than progressive.

4 I am currently in the company is also a factory, I found that the difference between Daniel and the average person is the efficiency of work and study, in particular, the ability to manage time and executive power, fortunately, by blogging, I have improved in this respect.

Here, you can also try, if you have the best content sharing, if you just graduated, you can also through the system of a technology (such as Java collection or high concurrency), and then through the blog to write down their experience and experience, I dare say, the biggest harvest, it must be your own.

4 by blogging, I've done two books in two years

In my blog, more about the Java interview, through the summary, I have two copies.

Java Web Lightweight Development Interview Tutorials and

Java Core Technology and interview guide

I think I'm a regular, but through these two books, I can at least prove myself.

In addition to some well-known industry Daniel, most people in the interview of challenging positions, it is possible to encounter the possibility of the scene, at this time, if you have their own books, or write their own blog, to a large extent, will certainly help you improve the success rate. Because once out of the book, the equivalent of the publishing house for everyone to endorse, if it is to write a blog, click Volume or simply is a blog book is very powerful proof.

In fact, every week, I spend the time on the blog on average to every day, up to one hours, but that is the time, I feel absolute value.

5 Summary: In the final analysis, blogging can maintain a positive upward trend

In fact, the technology and the ability to upgrade is limited, I think, through the blog, my biggest harvest is to keep positive upward trend, such as this morning, I wrote this article before work, in the evening after work, I can still in a day after the tired persist in learning.

Thanks to the blog Park has given me a very good platform to enhance their ability, but also thank you for my article has always supported, and sometimes, even against my article, which shows that everyone is finished, this is better than no one's attention. But here I still ask you to support as much as possible.

In addition to thanking, I strongly recommend that you write your own blog. It is possible to start with a very small number of clicks, but as long as the continuous learning to constantly summarize the persistence, how much I do not guarantee the harvest, but will be able to progress more efficiently.

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