Blue growth note-Chase DBA (17): whether to share or consume, learn to grow in the Post-IOE Era

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Blue growth note-Chase DBA (17): whether to share or consume, learn to grow in the Post-IOE Era


This is an accumulation of personal records. As we enter the blue ocean of oracle, we can't go all the way and continue to test. Share the growth history of blue with database friends.

I don't know when I began to become obsessed with blue. I was obsessed with its wide range, its depth, and its close proximity.

But it cannot be clear from when, watching the oracle red dazzling, illuminating a light in front of the eyes, unknown and confused under their own feet began to reveal some of the enrichment of life and the feedback of youth.

Step by step on the path to pursue DBA's dream.


In an era that needs to run, blue chooses to work in steps;

The accumulation before sharing is more about growth than consumption.

What we can do in the face of pressure and questioning is to keep our guns down and keep them up.

-- Deep Blue

Don't always say that the day is boring and the technology is not outstanding. When the technology is surging, let's sink your mind and learn more and share more. When the technology reaches its peak, think about how much contribution can be made to the industry and making money is just a matter of thumb.

-- Deep Blue


We are in an age in which a free, democratic, open, and shared Internet is becoming excessively popular with Iot. In the face of technological innovation and technological changes, only by accelerating our learning speed can we not be overwhelmed by the IT wave.

Speaking of IT, I believe that the word "development" is endless. These two words are often given a project mission. In his career, it seems like a halo, accompanied by a stable income. That's why people choose to develop and flock to the market. During this period, I learned a lot from communication with developers, both in my life and work, enriching my horizons. But on the other side, some negative factors also influence my cognition. Because in the tone of the developer's tone, you will feel that the influence of DBA is not only weakened by IOE, but also seems that some developers have fixed their thinking, it is believed that "development" is the most important thing, and obtaining a high salary is successful. In many cases, technical exchanges will ultimately generate how much money you can earn and what will happen in the future. I don't really want to recall it. It's just that it often touched me a little. What technology people are engaged in today's technology? In addition to making money, should we think more about what we mean by putting us on the technology road, and what makes us on this road, stick to it. I think, if you want to pay for it, you may be a passer-by, but you cannot "stick", let alone "Daniel.

Let's talk about "development". In fact, the hard work and hard work of development are a matter of consensus in the IT industry. IT is not easy to "do well" development. However, DBA does not seem to be as well known as "R & D personnel", and some of them are not even recognized by the company. This is actually a very embarrassing situation. Originally, "development" and "DBA" should actually be close friends, rather than partners. Because there are many similarities between R & D, DBA, and thinking models, but they focus on different difficulties. For example, if you want to develop a way to improve the performance of the software system, DBA wants the database to be more robust, which is complementary between the front-end and back-end. It has evolved into the current situation, which is also caused by various factors.

I remember hearing from the old-generation DBA that 10 years ago, DBA was a very scarce professional group, and only a large company had a DBA, and the "Halo" was very dazzling. With the development of the IT industry, the security of databases is becoming more and more important. Coupled with the refined development of IT system management, DBA requirements are gradually increasing. The "development path of DBA for R & D transformation in a large company" has been changed to the reason why "people who do not want to write code all day should select a career. The biggest difference between the two is development skills! The requirement for DBA is that only after you have mastered the development skills can you become a DBA. It is also the reason why the DBA had a high threshold, because many developers may be overwhelmed by the Development crowd before the transition to DBA. However, this is not the case today. You can select DBA on your own initiative, but you can specify "Development DBA" or "Management DBA". But in my opinion, as a DBA, if you do not master some development skills, you are missing the DBA name. If you only understand management, you will be eliminated in the future. Therefore, we should learn more about the development knowledge and theory based on the "Database Management" skills.

I don't know if I can be recognized for this metaphor: for developers, they focus on understanding business logic. After years of accumulation, when looking for technical breakthroughs to encounter bottlenecks, maybe you can try to transform the DBA. After several years of training and hard work by the DBA, the DBA became an "architect" of the enterprise because he understood the business and platform structure ".

Chapter 1. Past: Experience Accumulation: simple (1), conditioned version

January 2014 was recorded in Weihai

Recall what you see in two subtle ways

In the case of a thorough understanding, it is most likely to fall into the vortex of inertial thinking. It may not be difficult, but it is used to the price of no longer thinking.

Cultivate the details of conditioned reflection: version + number of digits

I have noticed the details, the number of digits of the database version. In my initial work, the concept of "number of digits" was not very clear, but with the emergence of low-end column problems caused by inconsistent version numbers at work, I realized that, oracle is so clear about the number of digits.

[Oracle @ hyl ~] $ Sqlplus '/as sysdba'

SQL * Plus: Release on Wed Aug 6 08:41:02 2014

Copyright (c) 1982,200 5, Oracle. All rights reserved.


Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release Production

With the Partitioning, OLAP and Data Mining options

Even if we have version information when logging on to sqlplus, have you noticed this simple details ~

When logging on to 10 Gb sqlplus, if oracle is 64bit, there will be a "64bit" message, and if it is 32 bit, there will be no number of digits prompt. The same is true for oracle11G, as shown below:

There are several ways to view the number of oracle digits, as shown below:

Method 2:

Method 3:

Here we will explain that for 32-bit oracle, the above value should be an 8-bit hexadecimal number.

Method 4:

In linux, you can run the file command to view the version information, as shown below:

(2) also related to the number of digits, commonly used PL/SQL Developer

Use PL/SQL Developer to connect to a 64-bit database.

Oci. dll is 64-bit, and 32-bit application PLSQL Developer cannot load, and PL/SQL Developer only supports 32-bit. Therefore, if you want to connect 64-bit Oracle, we have to install a 32-bit oracle client.

Thoughts after sharing

Self-check on the consumption-style young experience. At first, there was no strong support for stable and precipitated projects, so I was a little anxious. I wanted to be faster but not faster. When it is right, you will be overwhelmed by some casual things, awakening the people in your dreams, leaving your sleeves alone and taking on the journey.

Once upon a time, the conservative and stick-to-technology attitude not only did not facilitate technological improvement, but reduced the circle. When consciousness changes at a certain point in time, it makes people realize that the power of sharing is much higher than that of technology. Yu shared Yu's happiness. Yu said that many things do not need to be concealed because simple things will be learned sooner or later. Why don't they help me.

With the rapid development of a technology today, the charm of sharing is indispensable for the rapid development of a technology.

Think about the technology field of regionalization yesterday. Although it makes a few companies full of money, they do not know that technology development is lagging behind. From a field to a national scientific and technological level. In our daily life, countless ordinary jobs are changing our country, but they are bigger or smaller.

How can I realize it now ~~ Skip this step ~~ Hey ~~

Chapter 2 basic maintenance: continuous accumulation of tool types

2015 Harbin

Looking back at a period of time dealing with oracle, or frequently or occasionally using a variety of auxiliary tools, there are really a lot of things ~~~~ Here is a summary.

I hope it will be helpful for maintenance ~~ Or it helps junior O & M personnel explore the idea of tool-type software ~

(1) Use TOAD to traverse the tablespace

TOAD is very powerful. For example, you can view the table space usage in a graphical way. Let's take a look at the following example:

You can also run the following command:


Query table space data file space utilization


with t as(select tablespace_name, sum(bytes)/1024/1024 totalfrom dba_data_filesgroup by tablespace_name),f as(select tablespace_name, sum(bytes)/1024/1024 freefrom dba_free_spacegroup by tablespace_name)select t.tablespace_name,,, - used, ( - / * 100 usagefrom t, fwhere t.tablespace_name = f.tablespace_name;

(2) Use PL/SQL Developer to edit the table creation statement

The penetration rate of this software is quite high. I'm sure you don't need to talk about it. Whenever you are dealing with databases, I believe everyone will have used it ~

For example, Example 1: export the table creation statement:

Example 2: View session information

The software is powerful and easy to use.

(3) For LINUX operations and flexible use of emergency solutions, select putty

Small and easy-to-use remote online software is flexible and easy to use.


(4) Party A's maintenance staff, resident DBAs, strong and easy-to-use CRT

This is a powerful remote online software, which is similar to putty. It has a strong local customization function and is easy to use. In fact, its function implementation is not much different from xmanager, putty, ssh, and so on.

(5) Remote File Transfer-Xmanager recommended

This is the File Transfer software I used to use. It can also be implemented using SecureFX, SSH (Secure File Transfer Client), FTP, samba, and so on.


(6) create a flowchart-Microsoft Visio

This is Microsoft's flowchart and framework design software, which provides a large number of professional templates and tools. In our daily work, it is very helpful to draw a topology, framework, and architecture diagram.

(7) DBA Knowledge Memory tool: Microsoft's XMind Mind Map boosts memory

This is a good mind map software that can help us to memorize theoretical knowledge, organize the context of the system structure, and make learning progress.

(8) learning to use PowerDesigner for Database Design

Powerdesigner can be used to draw database ergraphs, which cover a lot of PL/SQL Developer software functions. For professional database designers, using this software will bring a lot of convenience to database design.

(9) Remote tools: Remote Desktop, TeamViewer (Internet), PCAnywhere, VNC, and Xmanager


(10) indispensable column editing-UE Editor, combined with Notepad ++, will be more efficient

Column editing in UE is a very useful function, as follows:

Also, you can use Notepad ++ to view scripts or SQL files. The display interface and operations are powerful and suitable for the combined use of UE editors.

(11) endless tools, good at discovery, and ideas brought about by demands

Most of the time, DBA staff in the field may not only focus on the database itself. With the diversity of different daily business needs, understanding, learning, and being good at discovering tools have become a required capability.

1. Version modifier of the dmp File

2. Set up the experimental environment Vbox and VMware

3. HTTP server: Apache HTTP server

4. ETL Tool: kettle

5. FTP server: Serv-U


6. Deployment of middleware: WAS, tomcat, and weblogic

7. Web Crawler tool: locomotive collector

If you are interested, you can search and view many videos and documents on the Internet.

Helps you understand data crawling in the Internet age.

8. Database Design: the official Oracle Data Modeler

The function is very powerful, not inferior to the database design tools of powerdesigner and TOAD. The official website also provides free downloads and comprehensive official manual support.

: Http://

9. System Monitoring Tool: nagios. This software hasn't been used yet. My colleagues are using it and are looking for time to explore it.

10. SQL Developer is more and more powerful than PL/SQL Developer and TOAD.

Tools that DBAs may encounter at ordinary times, such as rose, SLB \ NLB, F5 Server Load balancer device management software, or heartbeat, keepalived. Or monitoring Cacti/Zabbix software. For example, you can also manage platform management software such as mysql, oracle, db2, and sqlserver for various types of databases: DBeaver. For example, oracle's GC and OEM management software. There are also third-party backup software such as Symantec and dejade. Or, for example, OracletoExcel, a small tool developed by forums and Community Database enthusiasts for exporting table structures. There are also some gadgets for importing excel files into oracle databases. Suddenly think of the mysql management software, such as MySQL-Front. It is not easy to list all the tools used to assist DBAs in their daily work. When working with different needs, a small tool will always emerge or be useful. This requires us to pay attention to and accumulate in practice.

Chapter 3 obsessive-compulsive disorder: planning and learning database

Data is more like this, especially learning materials, which are complex, important, and refined.

-- Deep Blue


Understanding of oracle is changing every day. oracle is no longer an initial database product. It has evolved into a comprehensive disruptive solution. Such as database cluster (RAC), Disaster Tolerance (DG, GoldenGate, etc.), grid technology (grid), and so on, have evolved into a complete product framework, that's why oracle is on the road to "disruptive" products. Corresponding to this is for different disruptive products, we need to spend more energy to understand and learn. This is what I feel when I am chasing the full picture of oracle.

Another reason is that when someone else's documents are used on the way to study and work, they always feel strange (have you ever been holding your nose like this? It's very uncomfortable !!!). Therefore, documents are always prepared by yourself. My goal is to make documents a tool for everyone, rather than a more thoughtful knowledge structure. I am a person with poor understanding and expressive ability. Therefore, if you want to write your own things, you will be able to understand the things that are hard to understand and express, even if you don't have many technical basics, and use its practice. Although I haven't done it yet, it will be my constant pursuit. It makes the text easy to understand and makes the document "silly ". The content presented by many multi-purpose documents is not very gold-rich. Because the environment you set up can be built according to the document, and others can build it according to the document, there seems to be no difference, but it is not actually, organizing a document for your own practice process not only provides a troubleshooting reference and practice guide for the future, but also reinforces your understanding of the basics and details. Before that, I often encountered many problems that were not clearly understood. However, with the compilation of documents, I gradually understood the knowledge points, there is a kind of meaning that can only be said or not, and this process is very useful for learning.


The habit is slowly extended, and the information is neat.

-- Deep Blue

Learn to plan your exercise notebook. For oracle-related jobs, your own document database is essential. Human memory is sometimes unreliable, so we need the support of documents. With clear oracle thinking, we can combine the accumulation of past experience with documents we have used in the past. When we face the problem again, we believe that we will add a few more calm.

Similar to the following "Knowledge Base", if you are a beginner, I strongly recommend that you establish your knowledge base architecture as much as possible from now on. The more neat, the clearer the classification, the better, after a period of accumulation, you will find that organizing documents is "very interesting. Because you have already used it.

As time went on, the database gradually became like this, as shown below:

Lab Environment Planning: You need a hard disk that is large enough.

-- Deep Blue

Building an experimental environment and testing database is an essential skill for us to deal with oracle. Do not trust some online lab operations. Only after testing in the testing environment, we can only believe that "a little bit". I have made such a mistake before, so I feel a little bit more deeply. An article I saw on the Internet is also a technical advice, so I copied it and hung up the production database! After some painstaking efforts, the problem was solved. Since then, I have been "Cautious" with the information I have seen on the Internet ". Therefore, IT is recommended to beginners to have a test library. IT is not a tool to satirize the quality of online articles, but a complicated platform for our IT environment, different platform environments have the same operation process, which may bring completely different results, so I have been nagging for a long time. Remember to test the database !!!

To cultivate our management thinking, we suggest you organize your experiment environment information similar to the following:


IP address

Use Host Name

User name/Password

Operating System




Root/root oracle/oracle hyl/hyl

CentOS 7





In oracle 11.2

Cluster node 1




In oracle 11.2

Cluster node 2


Root/root oracle/oracle

Redhat 6.3 64bit



Root/root oracle/oracle


Oracle 10.2 .?


Root/admin @ 123

CentOS 6.2 64bit


Root/admin @ 123

CentOS 6.4 64bit



CentOS 5.6 64bit



Win7 64bit




Of course, in actual learning, we are switching to an excel table. Only when we find that the table contains a large amount of information can we barely simulate the virtual machine as a server for maintenance. This is like taking over an O & M project team, we need to know how many hosts, databases, and highly available environments need to be maintained in the entire project team, And what technologies we can use.

At present, we are re-planning the experiment environment, ing the actual statistical tables to the test environment, and sorting out a statistical style similar to the following:

Chapter 4: The post-IOE era, enabling oracle thinking to help us grow

Adhere to in-depth knowledge of oracle technology, and constantly learn new technologies in the database field.

-- Deep Blue

In the post-IOE era, I believe oracle engineers are also witnessing the transformation of oracle's business model in the Chinese market. I believe that "today, with the technological revolution in the database field, the product form of oracle will inevitably change through cloud computing. DBA is facing the transformation crisis, but we can foresee that, although we cannot predict what the business model of oracle will be like in the future, the DBA who can successfully complete the transformation in this change is indeed the one with better technology in the oracle DBA field. The technology will always develop, But ORACLE's DBA thinking is the root cause of the final decision on whether it will be eliminated by the technology wave. Therefore, we should not feel panic, rather than discard the past, instead of leaving a technology, we should stick to learning new technologies to enrich our technical thinking. In the cloud, oracle's ambition is still to dominate the database field ". Oracle will not die, and the job requirements will still exist. In addition, such requirements may be targeted at higher-end industries. Strong enterprises such as finance, securities, telecommunications, and power companies will not discard relational databases. Any industry is enough to let oracle survive, rather than some so-called experts' speculation that oracle will be replaced, oracle will die, and so on. It is really ridiculous to see. For the extreme assumption that oracle DBA is the worst and worst possible, it may become that oracle DBA is only needed by the original manufacturer ~~, Haha ). Of course, this is an extreme assumption. It may happen, or this situation will never happen. We should not blindly zoom in on "de-IOE, it is not as terrible as the so-called experts predict. What we can do is to select the development direction of the database field based on our own learning situation, and learn the technology as soon as possible. This is the right way.

After talking about IOE, I went back to oracle to talk about how easy it is. How much do you know about oracle literature?

First, let's take a look at the figure below. Have you found any highlights?

The figure above is not obvious. You must understand it at the bottom.

Look at Curry's eyes. He doesn't look at Harden. He looks at ORACLE! Haha O (∩ _ ∩) O ha!

Haha, oracle is also very literary in many cases. I used to know that oracle is a very artistic place In the sailing world (American sailing extreme sports) and the film industry (iron Xia series movies, we can see that oracle is a high-tech company that shows the artistic style of its oracle culture. Of course, there will be a promotional image and advertisement components, but this completely does not cover up oracle's artistic thinking. Because you can think about which of the following statements can be used to play extreme sports and make movies on oracle, and which one knows what oracle is. Maybe I am a little extreme, which of the following high-end users are usually concerned about sailing or having a lot of relationships with the film and view. oracle uses this method to prove its own strength and this advertising effect is unknown. Who knows, this is what I want to express. I don't know if you're confused. However, from another perspective, it seems that oracle's determination to popularize and prove its strength can also prove that if oracle enters more sports fields in the future, presumably, the influence will be another step. This time in the NBA playoffs during the 14-15 season, we achieved oracle's involvement and once again saw oracle's presence. When high-tech companies are close to our lives, the "big on" seems not so mysterious. oracle thinking can also guide our lives to become more colorful.

After talking about oracle's literature and art, we can turn to a heavy "technology" choice. It is often difficult to be confused by public opinions about what technology we will choose as our development direction in the future. However, it is difficult for experts to stick to the same direction and be able to do "Ten Years" in a technical field! But the old saying goes like a hundred miles, half ninety.

As a result, you have been confused about DBA selection like me. Let's try this learning method: proficient in ORACLE backup, rich SQL tuning, skilled in Stored Procedure development, proficient in oracle architecture ...... Coming slowly,


Because "money" chooses "industry", because "industry" chooses "technology", be careful not to pay the candle.

-- Deep Blue

The post-IOE is an exaggerated misunderstanding. Only by selecting a "goal" can we go more practically.

-- Deep Blue

In the entire oracle field, I am still a newbie. This is not just an out-of-the-box query. After reviewing the entire knowledge system of oracle, I found that I still need to learn too much and am still learning, we hope to get rid of cainiao as soon as possible.

-- Deep Blue

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