Blue growth notes chase DBA (2): Install! Install! Long-time memory caused me

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Blue growth notes chase DBA (2): Install! Install! Long-lost memories, this has aroused my new awareness of DBA ********************************* ********************************* * ***** Personal Growth records on the oracle Road, here, we share our feelings, visions, and technological changes and growth. Min

Blue growth notes chase DBA (2): Install! Install! Long-lost memories, this has aroused my new awareness of DBA ********************************* ********************************* * ***** Personal Growth records on the oracle Road, here, we share our feelings, visions, and technological changes and growth. Min

Blue growth notes-Chase DBA (2): Install! Install! Long-lost memories have aroused my new awareness of DBAs.

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Personal Growth records on the oracle Road, expressed in blue, share the growing emotions, vision and technological changes and growth. Sensitive information is replaced by English and will not disclose any confidential information of the company. It is only used for technology sharing.

The creative inspiration comes from self-reflection and recording. I'm glad to have some help or resonance with the database friends who just started out.

Please leave a message or email ( indicating that the technical details are incorrect. Thank you very much.

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Humble heart, low-key life, there are too many things to learn.

-- Deep Blue

************************************* Preface ***************************************

This is an accumulation of personal records. As we enter the blue ocean of oracle, we can't go all the way and continue to test. Share the growth history of blue with database friends.

I don't know when I began to become obsessed with blue. I was obsessed with its wide range, its depth, and its close proximity.

But it cannot be clear from when, watching the oracle red dazzling, illuminating a light in front of the eyes, unknown and confused under their own feet began to reveal some of the enrichment of life and the feedback of youth.

Step by step on the path to pursue DBA's dream.

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September August 3

Time flies, and I can't think of the time when the document was installed. Especially for single-instance databases, even if we do experiments, we are used to directly importing images for use. When we return to our actual work, we don't want to worry about it any more, that is, the "meal source ". I still remember what I said in a book before. As a DBA, it was rare to install this sub-task. If I met it, I would give it to any third party or experienced people to design cloud clouds... The same was my opinion at the beginning. Although it was installed, it could be said that it was a dusty memory, however, the current situation is that it takes the fastest time to think about it. This is the current job and it is imperative.

The cause of the error is so ridiculous.

The error is reported when the progress bar reaches 86% when the oracle software is installed, for example:

Through Error Reporting, my first instinct was that a package was not labeled. Coincidentally, when practicing RAC yesterday, I encountered the same problem. At that time, I also determined that the package was not fully installed, but I did not find out which package was not installed. This also happens in a single instance. I started to feel that my thinking is moving away.

This reminds me exactly where I saw this error at the beginning of this year. Suddenly, this is probably because the oracle and operating system versions do not match.

This is because CentOS5.6 is used as a 64-bit operating system, and we used to experiment with a 32-bit database version. This was the case when I checked the process document recorded during the installation of RAC yesterday, and I did not find any substantive errors. I did not expect the single instance to inspire me, the error is so simple. The database and system version do not match. After some twists and turns, we downloaded a 64-bit Linux database software on the OTN. In this case, if an error is reported for a single instance, click continue to continue the installation. Then several similar errors are displayed. Click "continue" to continue. In this experiment, what will happen when the system version does not match the database version (the 64-bit operating system installs the 32-bit oracle software ). However, what I did not expect was that after several successive errors and click "continue", the software was successfully installed, and dbca database creation and monitoring were completely normal. It seems that it will take some time to test the compatibility, and it may be a problem soon. The test environment is playing.

After downloading the 64-bit oracle software, you can reinstall it. As expected, the installation was successful and no error was reported. This time, the problem is the details. Here we take it as a precaution. Remember that the system should match the database version and number of digits.

After a while, I suddenly wanted to talk about what DBA is. Although the current installation is only one of the few requirements of DBA (or even less important, but I still want to talk about it ).

Once we mention this, we will inevitably repeat the future and correct our attitude. In addition, the demand for DBA today reminds me of what I want to say, say it to myself, and say it to the person who just selected the database.

In the age of 8 I and 9i five or six years ago, the term DBA seems to be a mysterious and high-level position. At that time, the knowledge and cognition of DBAs were far from the knowledge of many people today, not to mention the knowledge of DBAs. It can be said that DBAs at that time were well-paid and well-positioned. The original ocp and ocm certification are far more valuable than today's gold content. Fortunately, oracle also found this point, improving the difficulty of 11gocp certification. I don't think oracle wants to see the embarrassing situation of ocp certificates. However, everything has two sides. Although the requirements for DBA were not as complex as today, the pressure at that time was even greater. Why? With the continuous development of oracle, continuous version innovation and upgrade, the operation is more intelligent, more functional, and the selection of target tools is more diversified. For example, you can clearly understand that at that time, for a DBA, writing SHELL scripts is a required capability. Even if you build rac, you need to write scripts by yourself. Now, there are too many resources, both online and book materials. Even some DBAs are used to "taking things", finding similar scripts and making some modifications will become the fruits of their own work. This may also explain the reason for the decrease in gold content. However, history is always used for identification. We should focus more on the present and the future. After all, the times and technologies require constant development, evolution, and improvement, which is the trend of human IT development. In this way, human civilization can progress. Think about it. If one day all the DBAs are unemployed, the technology intelligence will reach a certain height. If we leave, should we have more joy.

Let's get back to the topic. Let's take a look at how DBAs are positioned when the cloud age is gaining popularity. Cloud data and big data concepts that fly in the sky are often helpless. I first learned about this concept in and 08 years. At that time, I was still in school. At that time, I thought this technology was very high and had a high gold base, is a very good industry, so finally decided to take the hardware professional road, do not expect the database industry. After learning about it, I found that the hype of the media is more related to the development of the "cloud concept" theory in foreign countries, in China, we started to follow suit and even get increasingly popular theoretical hypes and plagiarism. Six or seven years later, it seems that this "Big Data" has finally started to show up. Resource reallocation, rapid virtualization development, and Big Data progress have been greatly promoted. Vmware became the world's top 10 software companies in 2013, let's look at the popularity of hadoop and nosql databases. Oracle, of course, is also unwilling to meet Larry's ambition after SUN's acquisition. The advent of 12C can be said to be the first step towards big data. Many of them began to take advantage of the "Cloud", a seemingly "Frivolous" but "fat" future ". For DBA, in this era, I would like to quote Liang jingbin's sentence: "This is the worst and the best time ". In the face of the re-understanding and application of data from all walks of life, the roles of database personnel are clearer or more vague.

Separate several aspects:

1. As a Database Development Service, market demand will surge in the future, focusing on logic and business. Working overtime should be the most common thing for developers;

2. As a management DBA, anti-stress capability will be essential. As a DBA, "a thousand troops are used for a while" cannot reflect real value in a calm manner, however, it is often in the face of major disasters. This means that when DBAs need to stand up, they will be able to turn their business to death. That's why, in many companies, the boss regards DBA as Superman. In their opinion, DBA is a God of everything. The first thought of a problem is DBA. In reality, the factors are often more complex than foreseeable;

3. As the direction of optimization, it is a complex that no one in the industry can tell clearly. In my opinion, the criteria for determining a DBA depend on the optimization capability. A dba that cannot be optimized cannot be called a DBA. At the same time, there is another embarrassing situation: intelligent and automatic optimization software development, database optimization may be replaced by software after a period of time, this is the trend of Oracle EM (Note: Graphical resource occupation is large, and the graphic interface is usually not allowed by the old application systems, which limits the popularity of EM to a certain extent ), people only need to learn to use tool software, and the underlying causes may not matter even if you do not know. However, this is just an assumption. We all hope this can be done, but we do not want to see this scene at the same time. From another perspective, if we find other growth points or new technical fields on that day, we can eliminate the concerns of all DBAs.

4. Database Design: this is the highest requirement level, which should be developed based on the previous several levels. At the same time, we must have a deep understanding of business requirements, database principles, model establishment, and design of required indexes and objects. This is the foundation for future technological development.

There are too many examples of this. Here I recommend a book for beginners. I can read this book: Liang jingbin's harvest, more than oracle. this was the first oracle-related book I purchased at the time, from which I benefited a lot from both knowledge and thinking.

Next, let's talk about my knowledge of DBA skills. I like to describe them in two words:

1. DNS: Database + Network + Storage; (Note that the DNS here is not a domain name resolution system. Oh, dear !)

2. SPSM: SQL + PL/SQL + System + Middleware; (likewise, SPSM is not a physical concept)

It is self-evident that there are more and more requirements for DBA skills, if you want to become a managed DBA, You need to master the principles and knowledge of the database, including backup, recovery, optimization, RAC, DG, GG, and many other aspects. In addition, you need to have some knowledge about network and storage, which is helpful in the early implementation and troubleshooting.

In addition, I have not been in the industry for a long time. From my perspective, it is basic for DBA to master SQL. if I continue to use SQL in my work, it will strengthen the memory, or intentionally back some instructions, which I think is also very necessary. In addition, PL/SQL is compiled. Many people think that as a DBA, you do not need to master the writing capability of scripts. I do not agree with this. Although you have limited personal skills, it is very difficult to write scripts, after all, it is not a source of writing code. It is still difficult to understand or call a lot of logic. However, I insist that this capability will be of great help to a DBA. After learning PL/SQL, it will be totally different to understand and use stored procedures, packages, and functions, in addition, SQL optimization takes a considerable proportion in the optimization work, and some optimization projects only target SQL statements. We also need to monitor some functions during database management. We need to use the SHELL writing capability here, if the company wants to minimize the cost to achieve the monitoring effect, it is very common for DBA to compile some monitoring scripts. Even if you use some monitoring software, if you know PL/SQL, you will find that the degree of understanding is different. Therefore, I want to emphasize that the ability to possess PL/SQL will greatly help your career and stability. There is such a point of view: "in many aspects, it is acceptable to ask the DBA to modify the scripts to accomplish their own purposes. However, this opinion has misled many people to a certain extent, thinking that as a DBA, it is okay to modify the script. This is often a misunderstanding, I have seen many DBAs write simple scripts on their own at the beginning. After a solid foundation, they can modify the scripts at the business level for themselves. Finally, they can be easily used. Those who have been holding only the idea of modifying the script at the beginning and rarely have the script for their own use at the end. Here, we will share it for your reference.

Let's talk about the system. The mainstream operating platforms of today's databases are all in Linux or Unix. Therefore, if you want to have a good time playing with the database, you need to keep practicing the system operations, proficiency brings a lot of convenience to solve DB problems. I have been familiar with several operating systems, such as Solaris, Red Hat Linux, CentOS, Suse, Ubuntu, And AIX and HPUNIX on small machines. I felt very laborious when I first came into contact, after a long time, Common commands are those that have many similarities between different unix and linux systems. Although there are many commands, you need to check the manual to confirm them, but to understand it, the operating system is just like the windows platform where we usually play games. We should gradually learn to familiarize ourselves with it, master it, and master it. In addition, it is not only about the system, but also about the middleware at the application layer. I know little about the middleware, and I am still learning it. I will not comment on it here.

************************************** Unfinished to be continued ***************************************

Welcome to: Deep Blue Blog:

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