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General webmaster know: A site to change the domain name or at the same time binding multiple domain names to do 310 redirect. Because 301 redirect can be the weight of the old domain name, PR, etc. passed to the new domain name. Some time ago the author in the establishment of the blog also encountered this situation, so recorded the process and simple data, before also wrote a 301 redirect on PHP article "WordPress simple 301 Redirect Two methods", although the writing is WordPress, In fact, as long as the PHP is basically applicable, hope for everyone useful.

1. Basic information

Old domain name: (use a instead of the following content)

Registration time: 2010.8.23 expiry date: 2012.8.23

Before this domain name hung a single page 2 months time, done more than 3,000 of the chain (reference Yahoo outside the chain), and then stopped parsing, the time to re-enable Baidu Google has deleted snapshots.

New domain Name: (The following content is replaced with B)

Book Time: 2011.05.17 expiry date: 2013.05.17

2. Test Purpose:

Old domain 301 Redirect, before the old domain name outside the chain can be passed to the new domain name (Google as the standard, Google outside the chain one months will be updated)

3. Test time:

Start time 2011.05.20, end time: 2011.06.30, lasted 1.5 months

4. Testing process

2011.05.17 to buy new space and new domain name, and to resolve and bind a, b domain name, you can access at the same time, did not do 301 redirect. The third day Baidu, Google included a new domain name and the old domain name, a and B have a snapshot.

2011.05.27 made 301 redirects to the website. REDIRECT the old domain name A301 to the new domain B.

2011.06.15 Baidu and Google have deleted the old domain A snapshot, indicating that 301 of Baidu and Google have the effect.


2011.06.28: Google came to a big update, at the end of each month, Google will update the external chain data, you can clearly see the changes in the chain. At this point a domain name outside the chain basically does not change. The new Domain B's Google outside the chain increased, from the previous 0 into the current 16, can be found in Google.

At the same time, I did an analysis of these chains:

Note: I opened the chain of two pages, these two pages before is added with the old domain name a link, no Add new domain B

Two URLs: (replace "point" with "·")

Http://cmee Point Point cn/news_show.php?id=3025

http://www Point 17dmt Point com/a/wenku/

View the source code, can find a domain name link, there is no link to B, as shown in figure:

From the above figure, we can see very clearly that the outer chain can be passed.



5. Test conclusion:

1. For Google 301 redirect after the old domain name outside the chain can be passed to the new domain name

2. For Yahoo 301 Redirect, the effect of the chain transfer is not obvious, Baidu is still unable to query

3. Google's response to 301 and new stations are relatively rapid, basically one weeks effect, Baidu relatively slow.

This article for Bluefate original works, My Site Asia-Pacific Bathroom Network reproduced please reserve, thank you.

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