"Book review" Rhcsa/rhce Red Hat Linux Certification Learning Guide (6th edition) EX200 & Ex300__linux

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This time to attend the reading activities held by CSDN, is catching up with the project busy, see is also intermittent, dragged for 2 weeks, to write this book review.

First of all, I'll be sure to tell you, whether you're a professional Linux system administrator, a software developer in a Linux environment, or a Linux user, this book is worth reading.

When Michael was writing this book, for the reader to carefully scrutinize the content of the organizational structure, put aside the "Certification Learning Guide" of the hat, read through this book can give people a feeling of meaning in the chest, this book can be used as a Linux Knowledge System Guide (Linux Body of Knowledge).

As I know, as a Linux system administrator, its important work will involve "system user/Rights Management, hardware installation and configuration, installation and update system or application software, monitoring system operation, fault diagnosis and processing, system security management and enhancement, data backup and recovery" and so on. To complete the complex and heavy work described above, many aspects of Linux need to be understood, such as "System boot and boot, file system and storage subsystem, network and service configuration, user and Rights management, package management mechanism, System automation (CRON/AT), Shell Environment, Logging and analysis, network security and Firewalls (iptables), remote access (VNC/SSH), common server-side functions (DNS, Apache Web Server, Sendmail/postfix, Samba, and so on).

Finally, let's talk about translation. Wu Wenguo Teacher's work is very deep, the whole book content read very fluent, inside the terminology accurate, the terminology is exquisite, the quality is very high.

Suggested that the need for friends can go to the Library, bookstore first page, decisively embrace home.

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