Bootstrap < basic 22 > Oversized screen (Jumbotron)

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Original: Bootstrap < basic 22 > Oversized screen (Jumbotron)

Another feature supported by Bootstrap, the oversized screen (Jumbotron). As the name implies, the component can increase the size of the caption and add more margin (margin) to the landing page content. The steps for using the oversized screen (Jumbotron) are as follows:

    • Create a class . Jumbotron. <div> of containers.
    • In addition to the larger font-weight is reduced to 200px.

The following example demonstrates this:

<! DOCTYPE html>         Learn more </a>      </p>   </div></div></body>

The results are as follows:

For a large screen with full width and no rounded corners, use the . Jumbotron class outside of all . Container classes, as shown in the following example:

<! DOCTYPE html>         Learn more </a>      </p>   </div></div></body>

The results are as follows:

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Bootstrap < basic 22 > Oversized screen (Jumbotron)

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