Bos Project 9th day (Activiti Workflow first day, workflow concept, workflow required 23 tables, Eclipse installation process design plug-in, process API basic operations)

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BOS Project Note 9 days

Today's content arrangement:

1. Workflow Concept

2. Installation process designer plug-in (Eclipse)---- design Flowchart

3. Create a activiti Database ( table)

4 . activiti API operation Flow

1. Workflow Concepts

Work Flow (Workflow) , is " automation of part or whole of a business process in a computer application environment " , it is mainly to solve the " automate the process of passing documents, information, or tasks between multiple participants in accordance with a predefined rule, to achieve an expected business goal, or to drive the implementation of this goal " .

Workflow Management System (Workflow Management System, WFMS) is a software system that accomplishes the definition and management of workloads and executes workflow instances according to pre-defined workflow logic in the system. The workflow management system is not the enterprise's business system, but provides a supporting environment for the operation of the enterprise's business system.

2. Install the Process designer plug-in

First step: Get the zip file above

Step Two: unzip the zip file into Eclipse 's dropins directory

Step three: restart Eclipse, tick the save option

Fourth step: Use the installed plug-in design flowchart

3. Understanding the Activiti Framework directory structure

the bottom of the workflow framework requires database support,activiti5.13 version corresponds to the table, theactiviti framework is used at the bottom MyBatis Operation database. JBPM4.4 the bottom of the table, the underlying use hibernate operation database.


Business Process modeling and labeling ( Business process Model and Notation,BPMN) , which describes the basic symbols of the process, including how these elements are combined into a Process Diagram)

4. Create activiti23 sheet 4.1 SQL file build table provided by the execution framework

Activiti 's background is supported by the database, and all tables start with act_ . The second part is a two-letter identifier that represents the purpose of the table. The use also corresponds to the API of the service .

1) act_re_*: ' RE ' means repository. The table for this prefix contains the process definition and process static resources (pictures, rules, etc.).

2) act_ru_*: ' RU ' indicates runtime. These run-time tables contain process instances, tasks, variables, asynchronous tasks, and other running data. Activiti only saves this data during the process instance execution and deletes the records at the end of the process. This way the run-time table can always be very small and fast.

3) act_id_*: ' ID ' indicates identity. These tables contain identity information, such as users, groups, and so on.

4) act_hi_*: ' HI ' indicates history. These tables contain historical data, such as historical process instances, variables, tasks, and so on.

5) act_ge_*: General data for different scenarios.

4.2 using the automatic table-building method provided by the framework (not recommended)

First step: Create Java Project and import jar Package

Step Two: Provide the configuration file

Step three: Create a process engine object that automatically builds the table

5. using the API to operate the process

Use plug-ins to design a flowchart:

5.1 deployment process definition

is to save the process definition rule to the database

5.2 query process definition

5.3 Starting process instances based on process definitions

Process instance: Defining a specific execution process according to a process is a process instance. A one-to-many process definition and process instance.

5.4 Querying personal tasks

5.5 Handling personal tasks

6. API Summary

L several interfaces (corresponding to the table):





L several Query objects





L several Service

Repositoryservice---- Operations deployment tables, process definition tables, and other static resource information tables

Runtimeservice---- Operation flow instance table, Task table and other dynamic information tables

Taskservice----- Operation Task Table

Historyservice---- Operation history Table

Identityservice---- Manipulating user tables, group tables, relational tables

Bos Project 9th day (Activiti Workflow first day, workflow concept, workflow required 23 tables, Eclipse installation process design plug-in, process API basic operations)

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