"Boulevard to Jane" chapter III Feedback

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The third chapter of the Road to Jane

This chapter is mainly about the team's cooperation and division of labor three or more than three can be counted as a team. But it must also have some basic characteristics: Master and slave, supervision and responsibility.

This also reminds us of the depth of a program we have to analyze, whether we can put a program also on his division of labor? Of course, for any of the slightly more complex procedures, we can be split, so that not only conducive to compiling, but also conducive to the late leakage and improvement. Before compiling the program, we should be like a manager, first of all to analyze the program, determine its chunking, the first part responsible for what, the second part is responsible for what and so on. In addition, it is not difficult to find out in this section that the iOS quality system certification is mentioned in the book. A company is using the certification system to standardize its own staff and production. This is like commenting on some of the program's code as we compile the program. The more comments we make, the better our understanding of the program and the wrong way to find it.

In the management, we remember that the system is unshakable this is like we use the compiler software, the software has its own grammatical rules, we can only abide by. After all the preparation is ready, we can begin to compile the program. At the same time, as a manager (programmer) should look at your team there is no "blind spot" This is similar to the useless code in our program, should be deleted. At the same time should reflect, why?

This article, not only for us in the future to compile the program has a great help, but also give us a lot of other aspects of the Enlightenment, the team really need to manage it? The development team doesn't really need a manager at all. For a team member who is not hired by you, Weinberg said, you have three choices: 1. Interview with members 2. Dismiss them 3. You give up the position. This tells us that when debugging a new program or a program you're not familiar with, you should be clear about the meaning and function of his code. Instead of having a mistake, you don't have to delete it or you give up debugging and give it to someone else who is patient or capable. Well, sometimes it's like ants, Zhiqi, it's hard to change a person's habits, but to change a team?! Therefore, we are going to adapt the program language to run and compile rules, not according to our ideas, whimsical.

Finally, the author referred to the "VAT Invoice", and I also specifically Baidu a bit. My understanding of it is that this thing is the same as today's Tofu slag project, a layer of "transfer", but not exactly the same it also contains a similar "framed" feeling, are asking the other side of the value-added tax, a layer of demand. A sense of shirking responsibility. Therefore, the manager cannot shirk the responsibility like this "VAT Invoice". Managers should do a clear division of labor rather than flexible division of labor. And for the end of the sentence "If everyone is thinking ' VAT Invoice ', then your organization will immediately collapse" is still not quite understood.

At the end of the management has a more understandable understanding, managers are not so-called bole. You are more of a responsibility and a bear.

"Boulevard to Jane" chapter III Feedback

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