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Avenue to Jane, as the name implies, is the most valuable truth is the most simple truth, very important truth is very common truth. A great goal, a vast project, or even a software that we now seem to be out of reach, is implemented by a bit of effort, a bit of knowledge, and a single line of programming language.

As the future to become a programmer, we have to understand the road to Jane this timeless truth. Even if the teacher assigned a after-school homework, but also by a myriad of various statements composed. We are all old and young, more than the teacher in class that the great engineering management one by one foolish thinking, logical ability to be much better, so we have the ability, also have the obligation to become a qualified software engineer. From the Yugong Yishan example, we see the fundamental of programming: order, branching, and looping. From the beginning of demand, a software project is realized through the requirements, project communication, set goals, implementation of several stages. It is particularly easy to make a larger program, break it apart, and analyze it in part. And the implementation of a program for our hardware requirements is programming thinking, programming language.

Program plainly, is the algorithm plus structure, in that no engineering era, although there are many excellent talent, but still do not play their own ability now we have this opportunity. In such an IT era, we are constantly in the software of the crazy bombing. After two or three years, we also want to get into those software companies. After receiving a year or two of C + + "brainwashing", we should also have some computer language thinking, such as every morning after getting up, if the cold day first clothes after washing, if the heat of the first wash after wearing clothes, death is the end of the day and night cycle. The programmer's thinking is the most important thing besides mastering the skillful programming language, this kind of thinking, half is the way of thinking of people, half is the way of thinking of computer, we should pay attention to the cultivation of this kind of thinking.

The plan has, the programming thinking has, next is according to the project request. First of all, we need to have a general framework, different plates of what kind of algorithm, what kind of structure, the first to have a general outline, like painting a picture, we must first describe a contour. The framework of the project has, the next step is to fill in the language, to achieve every small part of the required implementation of the function, one by one to fill. When the program is fully populated, look back and look at a project that had no clue, so that 1.1 points were completed. Boulevard to Jane, those we feel remote mobile app, software writing is actually a code to knock out, and then complex program also need a plate of a plate of small knowledge to achieve. Maybe two or three years later, but we look back to the past oneself also because a program can't write out and burn, must feel ridiculous.

The essence of the Boulevard to Jane is the essence of our programming, the essence of our handling of difficult problems. Learning, life, work, Avenue to Jane This truth is everywhere, in the future of learning, we must always remember. For us now, to master the programming, we must practice their own programming thinking, algorithm and structure of the skilled use of programming language mastery, indispensable.

Boulevard to Jane Feedback

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