BPM shared with SAP & Oracle EBS Integration Solutions

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First, demand analysis

both SAP and Oracle EBS are the world's top ERP products and are favored by many customers. However, due to the large system, high price and different positioning, customers often face the following confusion in the implementation process:

1, how to achieve "online + offline" closed-loop process

SAP User Outreach process design and two development processes face challenges.

2, how to comb the business process

The system, rules and process system of the enterprise are scattered in each business system, and it is difficult to manage and change these scattered elements.

3. How to achieve continuous process improvement

How to better meet the needs of Chinese enterprises in the process planning, analysis and change of SAP workflow.

4. How to realize cross-system application

Business is mostly cross-system, SAP itself is not isolated, but also need to cooperate with other systems to complete the business. We need a product to implement cross-system processes.

II. implementation of the programme

1. H3 BPM has developed a dedicated adapter for SAP and Oracle EBS--H3 Connector for SAP and H3 Connector for Oracle EBS. H3 Connector for SAP uses the latest SAP NCO 3.0 to convert bapi/rfc/Other custom functions to H3 bizbus acceptable methods.

2. the H3 Oralce Connector uses WebService to connect with the Oracle ESB API.

3, H3 BPM with SAP, Oracle EBS connectivity, can provide comprehensive process support.

Iii. Value of the programme

1, lower total cost of ownership

Reduce the number of user costs, two development and maintenance of the difficulty and cost.

2. more intuitive data presentation

An integrated set of data presentation that facilitates approval decisions.

3. Better User Experience

Web, mobile, and user-friendly human-machine interface.

4. Better IT Architecture

Build an enterprise infrastructure with SOA as an architecture, process center, and portal to showcase and integrate business systems.

5, the enterprise more complete business process

Extend SAP processes, cover offline business, and integrate third-party systems to achieve end-to-end business processes.

BPM shared with SAP & Oracle EBS Integration Solutions

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