Brief discussion on remote connection setting of Win7 performance improvement

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In the daily life, the computer uses many to inevitably encounter some thorny problem to need to seek the help, but often can help your friend or the computer master, always at the other end of the network. Therefore, remote control is gradually widely used, through Remote Desktop Connection, can control the other computer or be controlled by others. So, what is Remote Desktop Connection? In the Win7 system, what about remote connections?

Remote Desktop Connection is a mode of remote operating computer that can be used to visually access the desktop environment of a remote computer for administrators to manage remote computer servers on the client computers. The predecessor of Remote Desktop Connection should be telnet. Telnet is a character interface landing way, Microsoft extended it to the graphical interface, showing the exceptionally powerful features. What improvements did Microsoft make to Win7 Remote Desktop operations in a powerful Windows7 operating system?

The personal summary has at least the following four points:

1, support the Windows7 Aero effect of the 3D Desktop: Window switch when the 3D effect, translucent glass window body effect, mouse stop on the minimized window button to display thumbnails and so on.

2, support the smooth operation of the Remote Desktop Direct 2d and direct 3D 10.1 of all types of applications, through Remote Desktop can also run 3D games and applications.

3, more secure: You can select the "Allow only authenticated and integrity protected connections" option. Requires that network traffic for Remote Desktop be protected by IPSec connection security rules that require authentication of the connection and use of AH or ESP algorithms that can help protect the integrity of each network packet in the connection.

4, the Remote Desktop Protocol core performance enhancements, including network transmission optimization and compression.

Compared with previous operating systems, Windows 7 is more closely associated with Windows system firewalls, which makes them more secure, and security is one of the features of the Win7 system. When Remote Desktop is turned on in Windows7, the connection cannot be made by default because the system firewall prohibits connections from remote, and you need to set up related policies in the firewall.

First, on the desktop right click on "Computer", in the right-click menu, click "Properties" to open its Properties window. Next, tap remote settings to open the Remote settings option for the system properties.

Second, if you are remotely connecting to this system from another client running Windows 7, you can use the bottom of the "Allow computer connections only with network-level authenticated Remote Desktop" option, which provides greater security; If you want to connect the system from a Windows 2000/XP client, You can only use a computer connection that allows you to run any version of Remote Desktop, but there may be some risk.

After the WINDOWS7 system is deployed to Remote Desktop security, we can connect remotely, simple but safe and reliable, which is the benefit of Win7 computers.

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