Broadband connection Display error code 651 how to solve

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Broadband connection Display error code 651 how to solve

What do you mean by a broadband connection 651 error code?

Error 651 is a broadband Internet access error code query one of the phenomenon, the specific performance of the network card is not light or flashing. The 651 is due to the user terminal computer and the network connection of the network is not connected to the cause of: the client reason (dial-up software, NIC driver, USB cat drive, computer system, ADSL cat itself, after the door after the line) Netcom responsible part (telephone outside, local equipment, equipment port), In most cases it may be due to an external network disconnection or a problem with the device.

Two, broadband connection 651 error code resolution method

1, contact the local network provider, telecommunications, mobile, unicom, and then turn the artificial service, then reported that the error code 651, then there will be someone to give you the answer.

2, the network cable did not pick up, we can try to reconnect the network cable.

3, "The Cat" itself has appeared the problem, causes the network card lamp not to be bright or has been flashing.

4, the system has caused a failure, such a situation we need to reinstall the system, but this situation relative to relatively few.

Third, the specific repair methods are as follows:

1, replace the system files. Locate the Raspppoe.sys file in the C:windowssystem32drivers directory in the system, and then copy it on a computer that you can connect to to replace it.

2, file permissions. Locate the System C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32LOGFILESWMI directory give administrator privileges, right-click the folder, and then select Get administrative Privileges from the Drop-down menu.

3, the network card driver problem, use the Driver wizard and other software to update or repair the network card driver.

4, restart the computer. Re-create a network connection, do not enter a username and password, and then connect to see if there is a 691 error code, and then enter the username and password can be connected.

5, according to the above method if still can not solve, then we can only change the system.

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