Broadband connection error 651 How to solve?

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Broadband Connection error 651 How to solve?

There are many kinds of broadband connectivity problems, of which the majority of the 651, what should we do when we encounter this situation?

Method 1: Nic driver failure

1. First consider the driver of the NIC, this problem is more common, right click on the desktop computer-properties, as shown in the following figure!

2. In the Computer Properties page, select Device Manager to enter!

3. In the Device Manager page to find "network adapter" under the general has two network cards, a wired a wireless network card! Click on the right button of the wired network card--disable! As shown in the following figure, the Prompt box appears click OK, and then the right button to start! See if the redial is normal, if not normal, please look down!

4. Right key wired network card, choose Uninstall, the network card driver uninstall off! The following figure shows!

5. Click on the Device Manager menu operation-Scan hardware changes, the system will generally use the general driver to drive the network card, after the installation is completed, restart the computer!

Method 2: Log file Write is prohibited

1. log file path C:windowssystem32logfileswmi, this folder if there is no administrator rights, broadband connection will also have problems, 651 or 711 error prompts! First, double-click the computer, enter the Computer folder, and enter C in the address bar: Windowssystem32logfiles after return, as shown in the following figure I!

2. Locate the WMI folder under the LogFiles folder, and then select the right-click-Attribute, as shown in the following figure i! is actually giving it permanent administrator privileges! My method is to change the permissions every time I reboot the computer!

3. On the WMI Folder properties page, select the Security tab--click Advanced Settings! The following figure shows!

4. On the WMI folder Advanced Properties page, select Permissions-Continue, as shown in the following figure I!

5. On the WMI Folder Advanced page, select the account you are currently using, and then click the Edit button, as shown in the following image.

6. In the access to your account in the WMI folder control option, all the options below will be fully controlled, as shown in the following figure, and then click OK!

7. After the completion of the modification, click the Application button, the following changes prompted the selection of the decision can be! Complete the changes and restart your computer!

Method 3: Operator network adjustment

1. Contact your broadband network provider, telecommunications users dial: 10000, Unicom 10010, Mobile 10086, go to artificial services, directly to say that your broadband connection error 651, they will immediately find the problem, the internal help you reset on the line! If the wiring problem will tell you when or when to repair!

2. If the previous step can not be resolved, it is a computer system problem! Please change a computer or system to restore it!

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