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The broadband connection displays error 678, which means that when using ADSL dialing, the local computer sends a request service to the Terminal server via the NIC, but the Terminal server cannot receive or return the request data due to a problem with the network line or computer hardware, and when the local computer is not receiving the return information, You will be prompted for code information for error 678. So what about error 678 in broadband connection?

1, check the broadband connection of the account and password is correct. Some computers use the Internet router does not set up automatic dialing, need manual network connection, or the first time to connect broadband, input account and password when accidentally lost the wrong. A timely correction and reconnection can generally solve the problem of error 678.

2, if the broadband arrears, it will cause the Terminal server can not receive or return request data, the local computer can not receive the return information, it will show error 678. At this time to pay the net fee, the problem will be solved.

3, the modem ("Cat") has a problem is the most common cause of error 678. Check the power supply LEDs on the cat panel first to see if they are always on. Then check whether the ADSL broadband signal LED (Link) is often bright, in general, when the cat is connected to the power and the network, the indicator will change from blinking to illuminated steady in 1 minutes. If it is flashing all the time, there is a problem with the network line connection.

4, check the network cable connectors, and sometimes the network cable connectors will be due to oxidation and poor contact, resulting in good time and bad, very unstable. At this time to replace the new and good quality network cable.

5, after checking if the modem ("cat") each signal light display normal, network cable connection is normal, but still appear error 678 code, should focus on checking the local network card settings. XP system first shut down modem power, right click on the Network Neighborhood, right click on the local connection icon, choose to disable; VISTA, WIN7 system open Network and Sharing Center, click Change adapter settings, right-click Local connection, select Disable. After restarting the computer, after restarting, follow the steps above to right-click the local connection icon, select Enable.

6, check the local connection. If there are multiple network connections at the same time in the computer, such as "Local Connection", "Wireless network Connection", CMCC connection and so on, and the network connection connected with the broadband modem is disabled, the broadband dialing will also prompt error 678. Therefore, when error 678 occurs, also check that the local connection is disabled, if disabled, enable the local area connection, and then try to use a broadband dial-up connection once the local connection is connected. Note When viewing network connections, different operating systems, XP system can right-click on the computer desktop, select "Properties" view. VISTA, WIN7 systems are viewed in the network and shared center.

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