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Broadband connection Error 678 the simplest and most practical solution, if the following steps still do not solve the problem, please contact the local broadband provider in a timely manner.

How to solve the error 678? Error code 678 How to solve?

  Tip Full Info: Error 678: Remote computer does not respond. For more assistance, click Details, or look for this error number in Help and Support Center.

  failure Phenomenon: Unable to connect the Internet, the Web page can not open

  Broadband connection Error 678 meaning: when using ADSL dial-up, the local computer through the network card to the Terminal server to send a request service, but due to network lines or computer hardware problems, resulting in the Terminal server can not receive or return request data, when the local computer is not receiving return information, You will be prompted for code information for error 678.

Netizen Summary: The broadband owes, the network line crystal Head oxidation contact bad, ADSL modem damage, the network cable break is often this kind of problem many reasons!

  Broadband connection Error 678 Workaround:

Check ADSL Modem (commonly known as: cat) work is normal

1. At present, most of the modem have panel indicators, according to the indicator can determine the direction of the problem, first of all to confirm the power on the panel led light is often, or check the power supply.

2. Then check whether the ADSL broadband signal indicator is illuminated steady (when the modem is plugged in, the LED should flicker continuously until the broadband signal is detected, stop blinking, keep it always on, this process is about 1 minutes, if the LED is on the modem for a long time, still flashing, Should be checked from the external line (from the voice separator to the modem), this situation due to broadband arrears, in the confirmation of the premise of the outstanding fees you should promptly call the broadband provider's service telephone (such as: Call the telephone 10000).

3. Check the LAN or link led on the panel is often bright, LAN led illuminated steady means that the computer and modem Direct link normal, if the LED is not lit, you should check the modem to the link between the computer network cable.

The data indicator on the 4.MODEM panel flashes indicating that the computer sent or received information from the Terminal server, usually when error 678 occurs, the data LEDs are often not lit for simple reasons because there is no data exchange.

Check local computer network card settings

After checking if the ADSL modem status shows normal, still appear error 678 code, should focus on checking the local network card settings, first turn off modem power, right click on the Network Neighborhood, right click on the Local Link icon, select Disable, restart the computer after restart, Follow the steps above to right-click the local link icon and select Enable.

  Small tip:

1. Computer hardware damage or wire crystal head contact bad also can lead to error 678 tips, you can also try to replace a new network card, Crystal Head, to solve the problem.

2. If you are using a router to surf the Internet, you should, in principle, set the router to AutoDial (reference: Router settings), or you may receive an error 678 message.

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