Brother Bird's Linux Private Dishes _ Basic Edition _ study Note 1: The fifth chapter of first login and online Help

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fifth. First login and online Help
operation and logoff of 5.1.3 and KDE1. Lock screen shortcut key: [Alt] + [Ctrl] + [L]
2. Restart shortcut key: [Alt] + [Ctrl] + [Backspace]

5.1.4, X window and command-line mode switching
1, [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F1] ~ [F6]: Text interface login Tty1 ~ TTY6 terminal;run Level 3 2, [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F7]: graphical interface. Run Level 5 3, If you are starting Linux in a plain text environment, the default tty7 is no thing! Use command: StartX, to make startx effective requires at least a few things to match: 4,Linux default provides seven run level for us to use, the most commonly used is the run Level 3 and run Level 5 both. 5, in the Linux system is best often use the general account to log on, so the above example of bird brother in his own account vbird to land. Because the system administrator account (root) has infinite power, for example, he can delete any file or directory.
6. Leave system command: Exit
5.2. Execute commands in command line mode$ command [-options] Parameter1 parameter2
1. command to display the date: date
2. Commands for displaying calendars: Cal3. Simple and useful calculator: BC
5.2.3, important several hotkeys [Tab], [Ctrl]-c, [ctrl]-d [Tab] button
in the previous section, didn't we mention Cal as an order? What happens if I press two times [tab] on the command line to enter a CA?
[Tab] is followed by the first word of a sequence of commands, then the command is complete;
when [Tab] is next to the second word of a string of commands, it is "file completion"!
[ctrl]-c buttonYou can enter: [Ctrl] and C keys ( Press [Ctrl] not put, and then press the C button, is a combination of keys ), that is the key to interrupt the current program ! Lift
[ctrl]-d button
you want to leave the text interface directly, you can directly press [ctrl]-d will be able to leave directly (equivalent to input exit Ah!). ).

5.3, the Linux system online Help man page and info page 5.3.1, man page
1, change the language of command: lang= "en"
2, $ man date, view the Help document for date
3, you can use [Page up], [Page DOWN] to page
4, you can also use /date , to find keywords

5.5, the correct way to shut down the machine viewing system usage Status
1. View who is currently online, can execute the command: $ who
2. View online commands for the network: $ netstat-a
3, see the background execution of the program, you can execute the command: $ ps-aux (if fetch information: $ ps-aux | grep bash)

The correct shutdown command
The shutdown must have root privileges
1, Shutdown: shutdown
Immediate shutdown command: $ sudo shutdown-h now
Restart command: $ sudo shutdown-r now
timed shutdown command: $ sudo shutdown-h 20:25
Cancel Shutdown command: $ sudo shutdown-c
2. Restart: reboot
3. Synchronize data to the command on the hard disk: Sync
preferably used before shutdown: sync; sync; sync; reboot
4, Shutdown: poweroff-f
5. Shutdown: Init 0

Brother Bird's Linux Private Dishes _ Basic Edition _ study Note 1: The fifth chapter of first login and online Help

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