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Usually through the Win7 pure version of the 64-bit browser to browse some Web pages, but will inevitably encounter the Web page load does not come out, and prompts a variety of error messages, this situation is believed that many users will check the network is stable, if the network connection is normal, then there are more factors will cause the Web page Let's take a look at the specific solution.

1, look at the Computer browser whether need to upgrade in time, there may be an upgrade caused by the mismatch caused by the Web page can not be loaded. If there is no such problem, then do not have to do, start the following operation.

2, Cheetah browser in the upper left corner generally have a leopard pattern, directly click on this pattern, and then choose Internet Options, programs, Management Add-ins, it is possible that some of these add-ons are not enabled by the corresponding Web page can not open.

3, if the above Delphi method is still not good to solve the problem, then try the following method. Directly select the currently connected network, right-click to select the following options: Status, Properties, Internet Protocol version 4, double-click to select automatically obtain IP address, automatically obtain DNS server address.

If users can not load the Web page prompts error message, then might as well try some of the tutorials in the tutorial, I hope you encounter a browser problem to help.

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