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Baidu Overseas Acceleration Channel

Baidu Browser Starting from the 6.5 version, it added a "overseas acceleration channel" function. Through the name we can generally understand that the function of using Baidu's proprietary network acceleration technology, can significantly enhance the speed of foreign websites visit. Users only need to install the latest version of "Baidu Browser", do not need to make any settings to enable this feature. When a user enters a URL that needs to be accessed, the browser detects the speed at which the page is opened in the background. Once you find that it is slow to open, you will be able to access the data by accelerating the server, and then the browser will download the data from the accelerator server. But to use this acceleration, there is a hard condition that you have to use the chrome kernel. Therefore, if the user is using the Internet Explorer's kernel, then you need to click on the Internet Explorer icon behind the URL, in the pop-up menu select the "High speed mode (Chrome kernel)" option (Figure 1).

360 NET will pass

Domestic use of 360 of browsers are very many users, Baidu Browser launched the "Overseas Acceleration Channel" function, 360 also in their speed browser added a "Network must pass" function. First install 360 speed browser, because the browser default does not turn on this feature, so now click on the upper right corner of the "Settings" button, in the pop-up menu select "Options" command. Click the Lab command on the left in the Settings window that pops up, and then in the right window, select the "Enable network must-pass feature" option (Figure 2). After you have set up your browser, the browser will automatically speed it up in the background after you enter the URL you want to visit in the Address bar (Figure 3). But 360 Speed browser is not like Baidu Browser, it can be in the chrome kernel and IE browser core can be used.

Sogou Accelerator Management

Said for browsers to increase the speed of web pages and other functions, the earliest domestic should be Sogou browser. And now Sogou Browser continues to expand the acceleration function, it applied to all aspects. First install the latest version of Sogou Browser, in the Address bar to enter a random URL and access, then you can see the address bar after the "accelerator" tips. Click on the Prompt button to open the feature of the introduction page, click on the upper right corner of the "Accelerator Management" button, you can see the ability to use the accelerated service. It is recommended that you turn on the "Web Acceleration" and "flash acceleration" features at least, and then restart the browser when you are finished, and you will obviously feel the speed increase when you visit other operators ' Internet services (Figure 4).

Small tip:

The world's first browser to use acceleration is opera, and its turbo compression technology speeds up the browser's ability to open Web pages. However, because opera in the domestic relatively small audience, interested friends can download to try.

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