Browser various distances

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Document.body.clientWidth ==>Body Object Width document.body.clientHeight==>Body Object Height document.documentElement.clientWidth==>Visible area width document.documentElement.clientHeight==>Visible Area Height page visible area width: Document.body.clientWidth Web page Visible Area High: Document.body.clientHeight Web page Visible area width: document.body.offsetWidth (including edge width) web page visible Area High: Document.body.offsetHeight (including high edge) page body Full text width: document.body.scrollWidth page body full text High: Document.body.scrollHeight Web page is rolled High: The Document.body.scrollTop page is rolled away to the left: Document.body.scrollLeft the body part of the Web page: Window.screentop page body part left: Window.screenleft screen resolution High: window.screen.height width of screen resolution: Window.screen.width Screen available Workspace height: Window.screen.availHeight screen Available work area width: window.screen.availWidth//part of the jquery function$ (window). Height ()//browser window visibility area height$ (document). Height ()//Height of window document in browser$ (document.body). Height ()//browser window Document height of the body$ (document.body). Outerheight (true)//browser window document the total height of the body includes border padding margin$ (window). Width ()//width of window viewable area in browser$ (document). Width ()//browser window document for image width$ (document.body). Width ()//browser window Document height of the body$ (document.body). Outerwidth (true)//browser window Document the total width of the body includes border paddinghtml precise positioning: Scrollleft,scrollwidth,clientwidth,offsetwidth scrollheight: Gets the scroll height of the object. ScrollLeft: Sets or gets the distance between the left edge of the object and the leftmost of the currently visible content in the window scrolltop: Sets or gets the distance between the top of the object and the top of the visible content in the window ScrollWidth: Gets the scroll width of the object Offsetheight: Gets the height of the object relative to the layout or the parent coordinate specified by the parent coordinate OffsetParent property offsetleft: Gets the left position of the object relative to the layout or the parent coordinate specified by the OffsetParent property OffsetTop: Gets the computed top position of the object relative to the layout or the parent coordinate specified by the OffsetTop property Event.clientx relative to the horizontal coordinates of the document Event.clienty relative to the horizontal coordinate of the document EVENT.OFFSETX relative to the container Event.offsety the vertical coordinate of the relative container document.documentElement.scrollTop the value of scrolling vertically event.clientx+document.documentelement.scrolltop horizontal coordinates of relative documents + amount of vertical scrolling

Browser various distances

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