B/S learning Summary

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B/S learning Summary

After five months of study, the B/S learning project is completed. Although the project has been completed, I feel that I am still far away and there will be too few projects. Continue to practice in projects. The following is a summary of each project.

Introduction to niuyun news publishing system:

Follow the instructor Niu in the video to type a news publishing system. This is the first project in the B/S phase.

Learning Experience:

After learning it, I got almost lost. I forgot about what the teacher said, because I didn't know most of it when I got to the front-end design. But it does not matter. Although I did not remember it, I have also experienced it. When I try again, it will be no stranger, just like reading a book three times.

Introduction to HTML

HTML (Hyper Text Mark-upLanguage) is a hypertext markup language. The Super Text Markup Language is the next application of the standard universal markup language. It is also a standard that marks parts of the web page to be displayed by marking symbols.

Learning Experience

When I first started learning HTML, I simply watched the video from instructor Sun Xin. I followed the video to repeat the example. After reading it, I felt dizzy. I still don't know anything. It is impossible to write a simple html file by yourself. In particular, there are a lot of tags. I just remember the name of the tag, but I have forgotten what it is. I don't feel like this. I forgot everything later. Then I started to check what each label means on the Internet and what it means in English. Most labels are easily remembered. Learning knowledge must be combined with old knowledge.

ASP. NET introduction:

ASP. NET is. NET FrameWork is a Microsoft technology. It is a server-side scripting technology that allows scripts embedded in web pages to be executed by Internet servers, it can dynamically create them on the Web server when using the HTTP request documentation.

Learning Experience:

Through ASP. NET learning, we can better understand the differences between B/S and C/S. Microsoft encapsulates ASP. NET very well. It is a server control that helps us with a lot of things and greatly accelerates our development. I learned many ASP. NET controls and learned many attributes. After learning it, I still feel confused. You cannot remember it. First, you can check it when using it. Now, after going through the library management system, let's look back at the original ASP. NET summary. I think that is the case.

XML introduction:

Extensible Markup Language is a markup language similar to hypertext markup language. It aims to transmit data rather than display data. Its labels are not predefined and need to be customized.

Learning Experience:

This learning area is the weakest place, because it has never been used again after learning and has not been looked back. The current image is like HTML, marked by tags, however, its labels are customized. But it is still unclear how to use it.

JavaScript introduction:

JavaScript is a literal-literal scripting language, a dynamic, weak type, prototype-based language, built-in support type. It has been widely used in Web application development and is often used to add dynamic farming functions for webpages to provide users with smoother and more elegant browsing effects.

Learning Experience:

This part of learning follows the beifeng network's video. At the beginning, it was okay. Later, it may be because the teacher spoke a little bit deeply, and it was in the fog. Now, I think it's just a little boring to follow the teachers in the video, but I didn't have a general view of JavaScript. It would be much better if I used the visual view first.

JavaScript is getting increasingly popular, and it can help us do a lot of things. JavaScript can be used to reduce the pressure on the server, such as verification.

DIV + CSS introduction:

DIV + CSS is the WEB design standard. It is a WEB page layout method. It separates the content and performance of webpage pages.

Learning Experience:

Through this part of learning, I have a deeper understanding of CSS. You also have a basic understanding of common styles. With CSS, separating webpage styles from HTML code makes development and maintenance much easier.

JQuery introduction:

JQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library that greatly simplifies JavaScript programming and is easy to learn. JQuery aims to "use the least code to do more things ". From this purpose, you can also feel its concise, clear, and easy-to-use features.

Learning Experience:

JQuery has well encapsulated JavaScript, making it easier to write JavaScript code. Its selector is very similar to the CSS selector, which greatly facilitates us. Because of browser compatibility, many compatible code needs to be written during JS development. JQuery is doing well in this regard and it has helped us with these things. It makes development easier.

Ajax introduction:

AJAX (AsynchronousJavascriptAnd XML) is a web page development technology used to create interactive web applications. By performing a small amount of data exchange with the server in the background, Ajax can implement asynchronous updates on the webpage, which means that a part of the webpage can be updated without reloading the entire webpage.

Learning Experience:

Ajax is a part of objective cirpt's learning. Ajax enables asynchronous updates on webpages, and refreshes webpages without having to interact with servers, greatly improving the user experience. In addition, Ajax only transmits the content to be changed with the server, reducing the pressure on the server. Because it is similar to objective cirpt, there are also browser compatibility issues when Ajax is used, so you need to write some browser judgments. However, JQuery also encapsulates Ajax, making it easier for us to write Ajax. I once again lamented the good of JQuery.

Summary: The more you learn, the more you don't know. However, this is also a good phenomenon. If you know where you won't be, you will know what you should learn and make progress. B/S still lacks a lot, and you need to constantly learn to enrich yourself.

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