BT seed Modified Sharp Weapon Bencode Editor What is the use?

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Bencode Editor can be edited for UT resume.dat configuration files and. torrent seed files for a variety of purposes, with a summary of the following three usage.

Note: All the following changes are in the state of UT shutdown, and special attention must be backed up!

Use one, resources to move after the auxiliary species (suitable for batch modification of the auxiliary path)

What happens when you encounter a download disk and a warehouse disk resource guide and don't want to check again?

Although the resources to download the seed and skip the hash can be solved, but encountered a lot of resources to move the situation to download the seed workload will multiply, while Bencode Editor direct batch modification of auxiliary path easy and enjoyable time consuming very short.

Specific steps:

1, the UT resume.dat configuration file dragged into the Bencode Editor (please back up the file to prevent accidental occurrence)

2. Edit-> Replacement

3, batch replacement of the path can ~

(Chinese path due to different encoding may be garbled situation caused by auxiliary species can not find resources, need to pay more attention)

This action actually modifies the path field that each seed records in Resume.dat, so if you only modify the secondary path of a single seed, just edit the field, as shown in figure:

Use two, the same resources multiple station hair species

HD resources are always very large, the same resources if you want to be in multiple stations to seed the seeds will require a lot of time, through Bencode Editor modification. Torrent seed files can skip the long seed-making process.

Specific steps:

Here to Rurouni Kenshin 1080P blu-ray AVC LPCM 5.1-diy-hdwing as an example

1, will be modified Rurouni Kenshin 1080P blu-ray AVC LPCM 5.1-diy-hdwing.torrent file dragged into Bencode Editor (please back up the file to prevent accidental occurrence)

2, modify the tracker of the announce field, instead of the site tracker for the auxiliary species

Note: This is not all right, because the seed size may not change, that is, the hash value and the original seed file is the same, if the load UT will prompt the existence of the seed. We need to do some more hands and feet.

3, can delete the content of unimportant information (such as comment), can also increase (such as source) to achieve the purpose of changing the size of the seed.

4, after the preservation of the new seed is finished.

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