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Chatroom.h header file:


#include ". /include/chatroom.h "
int main (int argc, char** argv)
if (argc!= 2)
return 0;
int socketfd;
Char buff[1000] = {0};
struct sockaddr_in servaddr;
SOCKETFD = socket (af_inet, sock_stream, 0);
servaddr.sin_family = AF_INET;//IV4 protocol
Servaddr.sin_port = htons (8000);//8000 Port
Inet_pton (Af_inet, argv[1], &servaddr.sin_addr);//Specify IP address
if (Connect (socketfd, (struct sockaddr*) &servaddr, sizeof (SERVADDR)) < 0)//linked server
printf ("Connect Error:%s (errno:%d) \ n", Strerror (errno), errno);
return 0;
while (1)
printf ("Enter:");
Fgets (Buff,998,stdin);
Send (Socketfd,buff,strlen (buff), 0);


#include. /include/chatroom.h '
int main ()
 int socket_fd, connect_fd;
 char buff[1000] = {0} ;
 struct sockaddr_in servaddr;
&NBSP;SOCKET_FD = socket (af_inet, sock_stream, 0);//Create a socket
 servaddr.sin_family = af_inet;
  SERVADDR.SIN_ADDR.S_ADDR = htonl (Inaddr_any);
 servaddr.sin_port = htons (8000);
 if bind (socket_fd, (struct sockaddr*) &servaddr,sizeof (servaddr)) = = 1)//socket binding ports and protocols
  printf ("Bind error!\n");/if there is an error, try running
  return 0
 listen (socket_fd , 10);//listening socket
 connect_fd = accept (SOCKET_FD, NULL);/Agree link
 while (1)
   if (recv (connect_fd, buff,999,0) = = 0)//Accept Data
   break;//stop looping if a link is broken
  printf ( "get:%s", buff)//output receiving data
 close (CONNECT_FD);
 close (SOCKET_FD);
 return 0;

Compile the client and server side of the source code, the final results are shown as follows:

To view server IP:

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