Build a development environment for Samsung Smart TV

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Currently, the latest SDK version 3.5.1 is officially released. You can download it here:

Samsung TV Application SDK (version 3.5.1)

Similar to bada, sdks and ides provided by SAMSUNG are packaged and installed successfully together.

The installation process is extremely simple. Execute the exe installation program directly. The initial installation takes two minutes to configure the development environment in windows. After the configuration is complete, select the appropriate path to install the program. In addition, there is an option after the installation is successful, which is provided to the installation program of the developer Apache2.2, which is used to synchronize the SDK and TV. I installed both SDK and Apache in the e-disk directory.

IDE after successful installation (Samsung TV SDK Apps Editor (2.3.2 )):

The simulator can be directly run by double-clicking the simulator icon (Samsung TV SDK Emulator (2.3.2 )):

Its IDE is very interesting. Its name is APPS Editor, and there is also a Visual Editor (Samsung TV SDK Visual Editor (2.3.2 )):

You can create a scene (scene) in the visual editor. Some controls have been arranged on the scene and some simple parameters have been set. Detailed view deployment needs to be completed in the css file, in this way, the edited file is saved as an sap file and can be referenced in the project. The control vieW including the scenario id is generated in sap, you can reference the view control IDs in css and js Code for operations.

Unfortunately, the SDK does not contain the document content and some program sample tutorials. You need to download them at the following address:



A Project is generally created under the Apps directory of the SDK. You can directly create a project under the Apps directory through File-> new project. The default project template is empty, only the config. xml configuration file, but you can set the properties of some projects in the property column before creating the project.

You can download a sample program from the official website to get a preliminary understanding of the basic structure of the program. Here I have applied the DatePicker example under the tutorial directory, created the directory test1, and decompressed the program to the directory, the generated program structure is as follows:

The icon and image directories are used to store resources in some programs,

Mainly the app directory:

It contains html, css, and js files. As you can see here, the elders who have been engaged in web development will understand it. The younger brother is not talented and has never been involved in web development. Today, I just started to learn how to develop smart TV, I hope you will have more friends to exchange and learn.

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