Build a docker registry private image to resolve the Docker private warehouse push error

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Build a Docker registry private image to resolve the Docker private warehouse push error

applies To: Docker 1.8 Environment: Centos7

Each version of the Docker modification configuration content is different, please be optimistic about the installation of the Docker version.

1) Download Docker Registry private image

# Docker Pull

2) Modify the configuration file

# Gedit/etc/sysconfig/docker

Options= '--selinux-enabled--insecure-registry '

Note: The red IP is the modified part

3) Start the registry from the container

# Docker run-d-P 5000:5000--name registry-v/home/dockeruser/data:/tmp/registry

Note:-D indicates that the container is running in the background

-P maps the host's 5000 port to the container's 5000 port

--name name the container named registry

-V means to change the storage location of the mirror "/tmp/registry" to "/home/dockeruser/data" of the host

Note: This step must be after step 2), otherwise modifying the configuration file will not take effect

4) before uploading to a private registry, you need to specify a new registry destination address, which needs to be preceded by the image name

Prefix of host name and port.

#docker Images Node/helloworld

Get 22d56cbd9e6

#docker tag 22d56cbd9e6

Note: is the IP address and port of the host

5) Upload the tagged image to the private library

# Docker Push

The following information is displayed:

The push refers to a repository [] (Len:1)

Sending image list

Pushing repository (1 tags)

D8bd0657b25f:image successfully pushed

A582cd499e0f:image successfully pushed

3c3e582d88fa:image successfully pushed

625e77fff1a8:image successfully pushed

A00e4cef421d:image successfully pushed

F543704611ec:image successfully pushed

C32f3278cf8f:image successfully pushed

5c88f029bcb1:image successfully pushed

D3533bde148f:image successfully pushed

6a06ae308acc:image successfully pushed

9d1508e155f4:image successfully pushed

F3c0db6d5143:image successfully pushed

Df45579dbc81:image successfully pushed

Pushing tag for Rev. [Df45579dbc81] On


Problems encountered:

The push refers to a repository [] (Len:1)

Unable to ping registry endpoint

V2 Ping attempt failed with Error:get Dial TCP refused

V1 Ping attempt failed with error:get TCP refu Sed


# Gedit/etc/sysconfig/docker

Options= '--selinux-enabled--insecure-registry '

Note: This step must be "Step 2" before creating the container for the private warehouse, otherwise the modification configuration file will not take effect the slot: All the answers on the web do not indicate which version of Docker it is. Each version of the Docker modification configuration content is different.

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