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I have been writing code for several years. From the very beginning, there was no such concept of source code management, to the localized vss6, to the vss2005, SVN, and distributed git that can be accessed from the Internet, realizing proper source code management is really necessary (even if the development team has only one person !), On the one hand, we can easily trace back the source code history and branch it, and avoid the catastrophic mistake of accidentally deleting the code.

In general, it is common to use vss2005 for source code management in the. NET development environment. After all, it is a matter of MS and can work well with Visual Studio.

Nowadays, SVN applications are getting wider and wider. After all, as a natural face of the network environment, SVN has a unique advantage and can adapt to the needs of most developers. The most recent project is based on it.


First, download the required software.

Visual SVN, a good use of Visual Studio SVN plug-in,

(If you have your own Windows server hosted on the internet, visual SVN server is required)

Tortoisesvn, SVN client,

Register an account on the website that provides the svn service.




Take SF as an example. After registering an account, follow the instructions on the website to create a project and specify the Unix-name of the project.

Click get solution from subversion in Visual Studio under the visual SVN menu. In the repository URL column, follow


The format is OK.

Add a file and commit it to check if it works?

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