Build an FTP server using a wireless router

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After the birth of the ftp file transfer protocol, it was quickly promoted and applied. When the ftp server providing services based on this protocol is running, users can connect to the server through the Internet to download files, at the same time, uploading your files to the ftp server greatly facilitates the need for remote file exchange and further reflects the spirit of Internet resource sharing. Ftp server construction is relatively simple. In today's rapid development of the Internet, many enterprise users and individual users have already used the broadband network, and everyone has enough hard disk space, fully qualified to build your own private ftp server and share the rich file information on the network.

Generally, people can simulate their computers into an ftp server by means of software. For example, you can use the built-in IIS software in WIN2000 or the-Serv-u ftp Server software. However, this method still seems complicated. At present, Asus has launched a simpler construction solution-"wireless router + USB hard disk ".

The biggest feature of this solution is simplicity, which is convenient for installation, use, and management. In this solution, the core hardware device is a wireless router that supports the standard ftp protocol, such as Asus WL-500g wireless router, and then with a mobile hard disk, you can. You can use ftp to remotely download or upload files. You only need to connect to the mobile hard disk to back up files or share files through VLAN or Internet. People can download the required materials from their homes remotely. The user control list also allows users to set user permissions.

For an FTP server built in this way, both WLAN and LAN users can share the information in the mobile hard disk through the FTP protocol. You only need to enter ftp: // can access the mobile hard disk, while remote users can access the hard disk using FTP and DDNS. First register a domain name, such as a, and then connect to the Of course, speaking of this method is convenient and practical, you have to mention the wireless routing function of WL-500g, WL-500g is a multi-function wireless network router with a transmission rate of up to 54Mbps, the maximum distance is 50 m in the room and 200 m in the room. Naturally, you can easily upload and download files.

It is understood that Asus WL-500 series products support ftp protocol, are suitable for building their own ftp server in this way, at present, the series of products in the national market can buy. In the "wireless router + USB hard disk" solution, general USB hard disks are available, and there are no special requirements. Therefore, this solution is very easy to implement. Everyone can easily own an ftp server of their own.

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