Build 2017 | this is a cognitive service that is not popular today (with the Microsoft Developer Conference online Summit registration address included), 2017 today

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Build 2017 | this is a cognitive service that is not popular today (with the Microsoft Developer Conference online Summit registration address included), 2017 today

Everybody, a new technology detailed at the new Build 2017 Conference, is coming again. Today, xiaobian brings you a smart and interesting technology that you must like! Don't sell off the customs, go straight to our topic in this issue:

[Only a few lines of code can make any application smarter

--Cognitive Service]


------ Here is the line of separation that opens your eyes ------


Artificial intelligence is getting increasingly popular, which often appears in our daily life, but many friends may not realize it.

For example, say, "Hello xiaona, wake me up at half past six!" to your phone !" She shouted at me while I slept like a pig. In the image beautification software, click the "whitening", "freckle", and "face change" buttons, in an instant, I will give you a chance to re-recognize yourself. In the conference room, the program can automatically identify the speaker and align the camera so that remote attendees can see the speaker at any time!

Almost all of the above things can be achieved through the "human flesh" approach, but we should have a higher pursuit: Can programs help us solve it well?Faster, more accurate, and cheaper!

So now many companies are engaged in research in the field of artificial intelligence.



Artificial intelligence poses unimaginable challenges

The examples listed above are only some of the simplest applications of artificial intelligence, and there are still many problems behind them, if we thoroughly consider speech recognition, graphic recognition, text meaning understanding, and other advanced functions, AI technologies face many difficulties that are hard to imagine.

Some people may say that they can recruit top experts and invest a lot of manpower and material resources for R & D in related fields. Yes. You may be able to overcome these problems after a while. But aren't they all saying they want to be faster and cheaper? In this way, where is the speed, and where is the cost?


Cognitive services, turning AI into a network service that can be called at any time

There are many enterprises and institutions engaged in basic research. Their research results can be directly provided to all sectors of society. Others only need to base on their basic research, consider how to apply it in reality. There is no need to re-invent the wheel 」.

So, when you want to develop ai applications, why do you need to do basic research in this field!

Cognitive services and several lines of code make the application's IQ go online smoothly.

Cognitive service is a simple and powerful rest api. You only need to add several lines of code to your application to develop your application using powerful algorithms. These functions can be easily implemented across devices and platforms, regardless of iOS, Android, or Windows.

At the Build 2017 Conference, a series of new APIs for cognitive services were released. Cognitive services have fully provided different capabilities including computer imaging, voice, language, knowledge, and search.

Many people may have already understood some of the above APIs. Today we are going to try something different. The new API released on Build 2017 makes intelligence more advanced and covers more fields.

Custom Vision Service (Custom visual Service)


The original image Service API can help us identify the general categories of objects, such as flowers, plants, cars ...... But what are flowers, plants, and models?

The newly released Custom Vision Service helps us build Custom image classifiers to train specialized classifiers in a specific field. In the past, training algorithms and models required a large amount of sample data. This service only required 30 images for each category for training!

InLine demo address:Https://

Video Indexer(Video index)


This service helps us analyze video files, identify faces or characters, automatically create subtitles for videos, and translate them to detect keywords and emotions in videos, this allows you to directly operate videos like text content, such as finding all videos containing someone, or automatically adding sporting goods advertisements to sports events videos.

Online Demo address:Https://

Custom demo-service(Custom decision Service)


This service can help us use the cloud Context Decision API to create an intelligent system. Through in-depth learning and understanding of the content, it makes the application more attractive. At the same time, it can include user feedback in real time during the decision-making process, respond to new trends and situations in a shorter period of time.

For example, on a website, you can provide targeted content recommendations based on your preferences and browsing habits.

Online Demo address:Http://

Bing Custom Search(Bing Custom Search)


This service helps you create a targeted search experience for your own topics or intentions.

For example, we can develop a search function for our website and use Bing Web Search API to obtain Custom Search Results programmatically, these results are directly integrated into different applications (such as websites, blogs, and applications.

Online Demo address:Https://

Cognitive Services Labs)


At present, many APIs of cognitive services have been launched, but they are still in the preview stage. However, in order to allow everyone to learn more about Microsoft's latest achievements in the field of artificial intelligence in a timely manner, the Build 2017 Conference also announced the cognitive service lab, allowing developers to become part of this research community, jointly explore and understand the future development of AI. The first artificial intelligence service provided by the cognitive service lab is the gesture API, which allows users to control and interact with each other through gestures to create a more intuitive and natural control experience.


With the help of a series of Apis provided by Microsoft cognitive services, visual, auditory, language, and knowledge ...... These proprietary capabilities are gradually being mastered by applications and software. More importantly, these capabilities areReady for useNo need for basic research. Just a few lines of code can be added to applications developed for any platform using any language or tool.

AI for Everyone, Powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services



In addition to the newly added cognitive services of the global version of Azure, Microsoft Azure operated by 21 vianet is also striving to provide various new features to Chinese customers, this includes multiple types of Apis such as face recognition, emotion, and computer vision. This version of "Chinese version of cognitive Service User Guide" is designed for reference by Chinese kids shoes. Click here to learn more and try it out.

I am an egg !!

The 2017 Microsoft Developer Conference online Summit (Digital Build) will kick off on March 13, June 12. This is an online conference. At that time, a large number of senior and senior technical staff of Microsoft will introduce Microsoft's latest technology and industry development opportunities to developers. How Microsoft's smart cloud assists in enterprise transformation, how AI Technologies Enhance human intelligence, Azure data services, and the latest development achievements of Microsoft's AI-related technologies ...... We don't have to worry about building in the United States. This online "Build" activity gives you a better understanding of Microsoft Cloud technology.

Click here to register directly


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