Build million-visit E-commerce Web site: LVs load Balancing (front-end four-layer load balancer)

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E-commerce Web site technology architecture with over 1 million visits

The first introduction to E-commerce Web site high-performance, highly available solutions. From the frame composition of the scheme, the application is lvs+keepalived load balance. Achieve high-performance, highly available solutions (server clusters, load Balancing, high-performance, highly available, highly scalable server cluster) Internet->lvs load balancing (front-end four-tier load balancer).

Access to more than 1 million of the E-commerce Web site technology architecture. PNG map, E-commerce site to withstand high traffic, hardware equipment support is the basis of the entire system. The support of system software is also an essential part.

In this paper, the traditional web front load balancing layer is introduced in detail, and a variety of load balancing solutions are more common.

First, the main points of this article:

1.lvs+keepalived Linux Server compiles and installs via source code.

2. Software load Balancing, four-layer load balancer.

3.centos5.6 (32-bit) Linux Server Edition under the environment.

4. E-commerce Web site High-performance, highly available solutions, LVS load balancing (front-end four-tier load balancer).

5. The key point explanation of the construction process, the key step explanation.

6. This program has been used in practical production applications for many times, and can be flexibly applied.

Second, the software load balance common several scenarios:

1.lvs+keepalived load Balancing, lvs+keepalived is a four-tier load balancing software under Linux

2.Haproxy Load Balancing

3.heartbeat + Heartbeat-ldirectord + LVS

Third, the hardware load balancing solutions are:

1.f5 load Balancing (F5 load Balancing LTM V9 HA)

2. Cisco load Balancing Products (Cisco (Cisco) ACE-4710-0.5F-K9)

3. Si Jie load balanced product (CITRIX NetScaler Standard Edition (9000) load balanced)

Cisco, Juniper, F5, Radware, and other brand network equipment.

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