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Updating daily news is a headache for webmasters. First, after collecting a large amount of news, they must make a large number of webpages, domestic news and IT news are really tiring. The most fatal point is that these loose news cannot be managed, cannot be queried, cannot be dynamically deleted or modified online, and the news is time-sensitive. When you make webpages and then upload them to the server, i'm afraid someone else has already exported the news report. It is really thankless. For our current online environment, it is essential to publish news online, dynamically generate news webpages, and add search for news.
So how can we use ASP technology to implement a dynamic news publishing system? There are two ways to use a news system: one is to automatically generate html files from the program for the entered news content, such as the names of htm files by date and news ID, we can often see such processing from some big news sites. The other is to directly store the news data in the database when the user reads the news. Call up data from the database and dynamically generate pages.
What is the difference between the two solutions? The first type of display speed and the negative effect on the server are the lightest. For high-traffic websites, the speed is the speed of life, and the website is too slow. Who is going to cable? The latter method is easier to handle than to teach. It is easy to maintain, and there is also a kind of two dual-knot solutions, because only the application database can easily process the query, so that the reader can guide the corresponding news page, the above method is integrated, it can be said that each has its own merits. Now we mainly introduce the dynamic page method of using databases.
In terms of the processing process, it mainly provides a page for managing news (you can add and delete Daily News, including news images and titles ), then, go to the display page of the call news. To filter the news, you need to insert it into webpages of different styles. Therefore, you cannot use a fixed format page to display news feeds. We should make them into an pluggable part of the home page, so we can call news on pages of different styles. The following script statement
Script language = "JavaScript" src = "http //"
There is also a detailed content page for reading news. In general, a program that can complete online news publishing is mainly composed of four parts.
Addnew. asp (used to save news data to the database) delete. asp (used to process and delete News)
Autoup. asp (used to display the title of the news, that is, to insert the homepage) read. asp (dynamic generation of news details)
Set_disp.asp (used to process the display quantity of news on the homepage, etc)
Of course, it is essential to be a news database.

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