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1. Download Quercus:

Version of course the best of the latest, because in principle, the new version of PHP support is higher, but in their own testing when the latest 4.0.25 have a problem, and then swap 4.0.18 version.

Select a file download in the war format and use WinRAR decompression to copy the Web-inf\lib\ jar to the war\web-inf\lib\ directory under Gae project

2. Configure Quercus:

Configure support for PHP files in Appengine-web.xml:

    1. 		<static-files>
    2. <exclude path= "/**.php"/>
    3. </static-files>
    4. <resource-files>
    5. <include path= "/**.php"/>
    6. </resource-files>

Add a servlet to the Web.xml:

    1. 		<servlet>
    2. <servlet-name>quercus servlet</servlet-name>
    3. <servlet-class>com.caucho.quercus.servlet.GoogleQuercusServlet</servlet-class>
    4. </servlet>

To add a mapping to a PHP file:

    1. 		<servlet-mapping>
    2. <servlet-name>quercus servlet</servlet-name>
    3. <url-pattern>*.php</url-pattern>
    4. </servlet-mapping>

3. Implement URL rewriting (implemented by Urlrewritefilter):

Download the Urlrewritefilter and copy the Urlrewritefilter-*.jar to the War\web-inf\lib\ directory of the Project

Add URL filter to Web.xml

  1. 		<filter>
  2. <filter-name>UrlRewriteFilter</filter-name>
  3. <filter-class>org.tuckey.web.filters.urlrewrite.UrlRewriteFilter</filter-class>
  4. </filter>
  5. <filter-mapping>
  6. <filter-name>UrlRewriteFilter</filter-name>
  7. <url-pattern>/*</url-pattern>
  8. <dispatcher>REQUEST</dispatcher>
  9. <dispatcher>FORWARD</dispatcher>
  10. </filter-mapping>

Create a new URL rewrite configuration file in the War\web-inf directory of the project: Urlrewrite.xml

  1. 		<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"?>
  2. <! DOCTYPE urlrewrite Public "-// urlrewrite 4.0//en"
  3. "Http://" >
  4. <urlrewrite>
  5. <rule enabled= "true" match-type= "regex" >
  6. <note>UrlRewrite</note>
  7. <condition type= "Request-filename" operator= "Notfile" name= "Notfile" next= "and"/>
  8. <condition type= "Request-filename" operator= "Notdir" name= "Notdir" next= "and"/>
  9. <from>/(. *) </from>
  10. <to last= "true" type= "forward" >/index.php</to>
  11. </rule>
  12. </urlrewrite>

This rule is equivalent to the one in. htaccess:



Rewriterule ^ (. *) $ index.php/$1

Note: This rule may cause gae local admin http://localhost:8888/_ah/admin/to fail because the time relationship is no longer fixed.

4. Test:

Create a new index.php file in the War\ directory of the project:

    1. 		<?php
    2. Echo ' <pre> ';
    3. Print_r ($_server);
    4. ?>

Because I have set index.php to welcome file, I open the http://localhost:8888/directly

The effect is as shown in the figure:

Some reference materials are attached:

Phper are still hesitating, hurry up!

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