Build Ruby on Rails development environment on Mac OS X

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This article is where I read Hugh wrote "Build Ruby on Rails development environment on Mac OS X", followed his steps and sorted it out. The content is basically consistent, adding some graphs. If you want to see the original content, look at the Hugh blog here.
To install Ruby on Rails on a Mac, you first have to install Mamp, a packaged apache,mysql,php suite. The installation process is simple, double-click the installation package directly to open the installation interface.

Drag the Mamp folder to the Applications folder and you'll have the Mamp installed. In the installation folder There is also a mamp control.wdgt, double-click the file can be Mamp control in the dashboard also installed, so you can control dashboard from the start and stop.
Mamp can set a small number of items, from the main interface looks like, very simple is to stop the start of the Apache,mysql service and open presets and so on.

Click on the "Preset" button to open the preset, basically, I have nothing to change.

OK, now that the Apache,mysql service has been started, let's see what the first page looks like.

Next you will need to install locomotive. Locomotive is a packaged Ruby on Rails suite that is ready to start developing Ruby on Rails programs.

Click on the locomotive main interface in the lower left corner of the + can add new services, specify the name of the application and the path to the root directory of the site (the path here is not related to the root directory of the Apache site in Mamp), and then you can see the name of the application in the list, click Run in the upper left corner, You can let the application run. By pressing the right mouse button on this application, you can choose "Preview in Browser" From the dropdown menu, and it's so simple that you see your first Ruby on Rails application. Another important feature is the open Terminal, which allows you to quickly switch the terminal to the application path, then start executing generate, migrate these instructions.

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