Build the basic process of the virtual site after the Nginx environment is built

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Because I hung an empty disk on the home ... Recommended do not hang in home directory ...

cd/home/wwwroot/(go to Site Directory)

mkdir (Create a folder, generally named after the domain name folder)

CD (go to the folder you just created)

1. Download form:


Can directly, download directly to the directory below, and then unzip ...

2, upload the form:

You must first build an FTP

Puredb This form:

PURE-PW useradd xxx.xxxftp-u ftpgroup-d/home/wwwroot/ # xxx.xxxftp is user name Ftpgroup is an FTP user (non-virtual user)-D followed by xxx.xx Xftp User Directory-M direct generation Puredb not MKDB

The same decompression after the good pass.

Create a MySQL Account

Mysql-u root-p # Enter password

Create Database; # Create the database ( is the database name).

Create user ' ' @ ' localhost ' identified by ' password '; # CREATE DATABASE username username password The password corresponding to the username;

Grant all privileges in* to ' ' @ ' localhost; # Specify the database username for this database for and specify all permissions for the;

OK exit;

To test whether a new account is available

Mysql-u # Enter just the password;

show databases; # Check to see if there is a this database;

After extracting the root directory of the newly created site file:

To import a database:

Log in with the newly created database account and import;



To create a virtual site configuration file

CD/USR/LOCAL/NGINX/CONF # This path has environmental decisions

Do not know the path can whereis Nginx

CP default.conf


Modify the server_name after the site named; Or is determined by the request;

The root directory of the virtual site after modifying root is/home/wwwroot/ full path


modifying data/ files

Corresponding database, account, password.

The final step is to parse


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