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I. vmlogix labmanager

1) before use


2) After use



3) benefits of integrating build forge and vmlogix labmanager
* Controls the spread of physical servers and maximizes hardware utilization;
* Reduces high management overhead;

4) How to Implement

* Create a wrapper project in build forge. the wrapper project is responsible for calling vmlogix labmanager to start and close the VM and encapsulate the user project.
* The user project is executed after labmanager starts the VM.
* After the user project is run, labmanager closes the VM.
* Once the wrapper project and user project are completed, BOM and log report are also generated.


5) Home Page


2. surgient virtual automation platform

1) surgient

Surgient platform automates On-Demand organization and closure of the test environment through a unified virtual lab infrastructure, enabling IBM Rational build forge users to accelerate the build and release processes.
Surgient helps IBM build forge eliminate two common problems: insufficient available test infrastructure and excessive deployment and configuration time.


2) How to Integrate
Use the source adapter to manage virtual machines in IBM Rational build forge by performing the following steps:
* Create build forge adaptor link and point to the build forge project that requires the virtual infrastructure;
* Use the selector that executes the virtual infrastructure in the step of the build forge project;
* When the build forge project is running, surgient automatically scans the selector and deploys the required virtual infrastructure;
* Generally, when the build forge project is completed, surgient automatically closes the corresponding infrastructure and releases the resources;

NOTE: If all the steps of the project use the same Vm, you only need to add a step at the beginning of the project to set the default selector for the project.


3) Homepage




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