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What's so hard about typing data into Excel tables? This is the most basic operation of Excel, as long as you can not type it? However, in practice, this seemingly simple operation is sometimes not easy to complete.

Because different work content requires different formats of data, there are various types of data in an Excel worksheet, so you must first understand the meaning of the data type in the worksheet and clarify the differences. In fact, all kinds of data in the input, use and modify the time, there are a lot of small skills can be used to understand and master these skills, can help us to effectively and successfully complete the work.

Quickly enter various values in Excel

In a nutshell, numerical data can be understood as a number of measurements, that is, data for various mathematical calculations, such as employee age, payroll, sales performance, and so on, are called "Numeric" data in Excel.

When entering this kind of data, sometimes need to add some symbol mark, such as input amount when need to add ¥ symbol, or input growth rate, completion rate and other data, need to add a percent sign after the number. If all the data is manually entered into these symbols, it will reduce the input speed, so we have Excel to add these symbols.

For example, to enter a large number of numbers representing amounts in Excel, add the currency symbol ¥ to each amount. Normally enter ¥ need to hold down SHIFT + 4, but in Excel, we can enter all amounts of data into the table, and then select the cells, click on the Excel menu in the "Accounting Number Format" button, these numbers will automatically add ¥ prefix, and automatically show the decimal point after two digits.

Excel表格中批量添加符号-excel 批量添加符号

Bulk Add currency symbol

Click on the "Fiscal Number format" button next to the small triangle, you can also select the other countries currency symbol.


Add another currency symbol

Also, you can use the% shortcut button to add a percent semicolon to a number in a cell.


Bulk Add percent symbol

In addition to the currency symbol and the percent semicolon, click the cell Properties drop-down menu in the Excel number menu, and you can set the number in the cell to more types.


More number formats

Small tip:

When you enter a percentage value, be aware of the order in which you enter numbers and percent semicolons. For example, to enter the value of 15%, if you enter a number first and then click the Percent Sign button, then the number in the cell should be 0.15, not 15, so click the percent Sign button to get the 15%, otherwise it will become 1500%; if you know in advance which cells need a percent value , you can also click the percent Sign button when you don't have a number in the cell, so if you enter 15 in the cell, you get 15%.

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