Bulk canceling manual wrapping in the WPS table

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In the WPS table, we often use the manual newline character, which is to force the line break by pressing Alt+enter or pressing the line-wrapping button on the toolbar during the entry. How do you cancel a forced line break if you don't need it? There are two ways we can implement this, as described below.

One, the automatic line-wrapping button is invalid to the manual line break

1. Select the area to which you want to cancel line wrapping.

2, click the "Wrap" button on the toolbar.

This method works for both wrapping and wrapping, but the manual newline character is not deleted, as you can see from the formula bar, as shown in Figure 1.

Fig. 1 The WPS Table Manual wrapping Demo

Second, flexible use of replacement function to remove line breaks

1. Find a cell with a manual line break and remember where the line breaks are located.

2. Press the CTRL + C key to copy this cell.

3, press Ctrl+h key combination to bring up the replacement dialog box.

4, in the "Find Content" text box press CTRL + V to paste the content just copied.

5. Position the cursor to the beginning of the Find what text box, press the DEL key to delete the contents of the line break, position the cursor to the end of the Find what text box, and press BACKSPACE to delete the content after the line break. Note that line breaks are not visible and are based on the position of the line break that you noted earlier.

6. Delete the contents of the "Replace with" dialog box-if available, press the "Find Next", "replace" or "Replace all" buttons as needed to remove the manual line break.

This method removes the manual newline character and has no effect on the line wrap set in the cell format.

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