Burp Suite capture, cut-off and change packs

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Burp Suite. Oh..

I heard that burp suite is a way to monitor, intercept, and modify the data packets we access to the Web app, so Bull X.

Condition: The local network uses a proxy, which is represented by Burp Suite. That is, each outgoing Web packet must go through Burp Suite, and she wants to move your packet, you say no.

0. Configuration

Local network proxy configuration: Under Windows, open the Ie--> settings-->internet option--Connect-LAN settings (L)--Check "Use Proxy server for LAN" under Proxy Server, address :, Port: 8080

Burp Suite configuration: Proxy-->options-->proxy listeners join monitoring

1. Grasping bag

Browser access: http://scnuacm.sinaapp.com/, the package that can catch the whole process in Burp suite:

2. Cutting bag

Scenario: A request to search for Jet Li with Bing, I'm going to truncate it and not allow the search to continue

Browser access: http://cn.bing.com/

Burp Suite settings: Proxy-->intercept-->intercept is on

Browser Input in Bing search box: Jet Li

Click the Search button

The icon for the Burp suite on the taskbar is already on, which is a reminder of the request, while the Bing search page is stuck ...

Always click on the drop, you can cut off all these packets, the success of the packet truncation.

3, change the package

Scenario: A request to search for Wujiechao with Bing, I'm going to cut the package and change it to a request to search for a Puerto Rico suit.

Browser access: http://cn.bing.com/

Burp Suite settings: Proxy-->intercept-->intercept is on

Browser Input in Bing search box: Wujiechao

In Burp Suite, take note of the params and forward some packages until you see the URL parameters appear Wujiechao

And then modify it to boduoyejieyi (Chinese garbled temporarily not find a solution).

Why not change the value instead of the Wujiechao below? Careful point can be found, the following Wujiechao parameter, is the character input, every forward once, add a character, and the first line of this Wujiechao is suddenly appear, so you can guess, the first row of Wujiechao is processed after the search parameters.

OK, this time will no longer intercept the packet, change the intercept to off, back to the browser to see Sister Bo.

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