Business intelligence helps banking data "dig gold"

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With the deepening of the bank informationization, the bank accumulates more and more data, facing the contradiction of "data explosion" and "information lack", on the other hand, in the complex business environment, the decision of ignorance or smattering is the biggest threat of modern bank. The greatest advantage of business intelligence is to make full use of the large amount of data that banks collect and accumulate in daily business activities, and transform them into information and knowledge to identify market trends and operational problems for banks, identify market opportunities, and help banks "dig gold "from data.

At the end of the Asia-Pacific Bank It Value Summit, the enterprise it managers agree that business intelligence plays an important role in the information management of the banking industry, to improve the informatization level of the banking enterprises and realize the data value monetization.

Consolidate data, unify portals

Business intelligence is built to provide a data analytics platform for business segments to better analyze business features. For example, business leaders to view relevant data every day, such as the main economic indicators: deposits, loans, discounting, cash, reserves, deposit and loan structure, the main tasks of each network, and the completion of various indicators of the task of better, poorer outlets and individuals. The information behind all of the different data sources and applications, through the Business intelligence platform to establish a data warehouse, the bank of all relevant data through the ETL transformation, data cleansing into the data warehouse, to the analysts and decision-makers on all aspects of the bank analysis data. Secondly, the business staff in the data analysis, will continue to deepen the idea of data analysis, can improve the decision-making ability of the business analyst to a greater extent.
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Business Multi-element, flexible analysis

The most fundamental value of a business intelligence system is the effective and timely production of useful information. In the application of business intelligence Finebi , it is found that the difficulty of business personnel analysis lies in the existence of a large number of structural or unstructured multidimensional data in the system, simple Data Association is OK, if the requirements are complex and diverse, it is difficult to do timely follow-up. The convenience of business intelligence lies in this, because of the automatic modeling, all dimensions, indicators, index associations are established at the outset, do analysis and view analysis can switch dimensions arbitrarily. For example, in the deposit account analysis can know what happened to those business, business volume and frequency, how the trend, further drill down, can switch to which network, which business products to achieve good results.

Research clients, Guide marketing

Now the banks are aware that the business way to move from operating products to operating customers, so the target of customer search, potential customer mining becomes the main direction of bank data application, especially high-end wealth management and large customer development.

To analyze big customers, for example, banks are using a variety of means to "dig" competitors of high-quality customers, existing customer maintenance and two development is also very important, the typical marketing method is targeted marketing and cross-selling. For example, for an existing customer analysis, you can find that a user with a certain characteristic has a specific preference to launch a targeted product. or through the analysis of high-quality customer groups behavior analysis, loyalty analysis, composition classification, to adopt a differentiated sales strategy, to provide personalized financial products and services, while retaining high-quality customers, while increasing the bank's profit growth point.

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strengthen inner tube, develop all-round

Business Intelligence system can be widely used, in addition to banking business analysis, can also carry out human comprehensive cost budget analysis, personnel performance assessment, balanced scorecard and so on. Through these analyses, the leadership can more intuitively understand the work of employees, so as to take appropriate incentives and penalties.

In a word, from the current development trend of China's banking industry, the transformation of data to value will drive the profound change of business model and operation mode, the enterprise Informationization construction must keep pace, start early, actively and rationally test the water input, in order to realize the competitive advantage promotion.

Business intelligence helps banking data "dig gold"

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