Bzoj 1455: Roman games (paired heap + and check set)

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Can be stacked water problem


#include <bits/stdc++.h>using namespace std;const int MAXN = 1000009;struct Node {Node *l, *r, *ch;int v, id;} POOL[MAXN], *null, *pt = Pool, *q[maxn];node* newNode (int v, int id) {pt->l = Pt->r = Pt->ch = null; pt->v = v; pt->id = ID;return pt++;}void init () {null = pt++;null->l = Null->r = Null->ch = null;}node* Join (node* x, node* y) {if (X->v < y->v) swap (x, y);x->l = y; x->r = y->ch;y->ch->l = x; y->ch = x;return y;}struct PH {node* Root;void init () {root = null;}inline node* Top () {return root;}inline void push (int id, int v) {node* t = NewNode (v, id);root = root = = null? t:join (root, t);}void Pop () {if (root->ch! = null) {int n = 0;for (node* t = root->ch; t! = null; q[n++] = t, t = t->r);int m = n >> 1;for (int i = 0; i < m; i++) {q[i]->l = Q[i]->r = null;q[i + m]->l = q[i + m]->r = null;Q[i] = join (Q[i], Q[i + M]);}root = q[0];if ((N & 1) && m) root = Join (root, q[n-1]);for (int i = 1; i < m; i++)root = Join (root, q[i]);} elseroot = null;}} S[MAXN];bool ALIVE[MAXN];int FA[MAXN]; int find (int x) {return x = = Fa[x]? x:fa[x] = Find (fa[x]);} int main () {init ();int N; scanf ("%d", &n);for (int i = 0; i < N; i++) {Fa[i] = i;Alive[i] = true;int mark; scanf ("%d", &mark);s[i].init ();S[i].push (i, Mark);}int M; scanf ("%d", &m);While (m--) {char C; scanf ("%c", &c);if (c = = ' M ') {int u, v; scanf ("%d%d", &u, &v); u--; v-- ;if (!alive[u] | |!alive[v]) continue;u = Find (u); v = find (v);if (U = = v)continue;ElseFa[u] = v;s[v].root = Join (S[u].root, s[v].root);} else {int t; scanf ("%d", &t); t--;if (!alive[t]) {puts ("0");continue;}t = find (t);node* o = s[t].top (); S[t].pop ();Alive[o->id] = false;printf ("%d\n", o->v);}}return 0;}


1455: Roman Games time limit: 5 Sec Memory Limit: MB
Submit: 877 Solved: 354
[Submit] [Status] [Discuss] Description Roman Emperors liked to play killing games. There are n men in his army, and everyone is a separate regiment. A plane geometry test was recently held and everyone got a score. The emperor liked plane geometry, and he sniffed at those who scored very low. He decided to play such a game. It can send two kinds of commands: 1. Merger (I, J). Merge the regiment where I resides and the group where J is located into a regiment. If I, J has a person who is dead, then ignore the command. 2. Kill (i). Kill the person with the lowest score in the group where I was located. If I were dead, this command would be ignored. The emperor wanted him to publish a kill order, and the following generals reported the scores of the people who had been killed. (If this command is ignored, then 0 points) input the first line an integer n (1<=n<=1000000). n indicates the number of soldiers, and m represents the total number of commands. The second row n integers, where number I indicates the score of the soldier numbered I. (Fractions are integers between [0..10000]) The third line, an integer m (1<=m<=100000), 3+i Line describes the article I command. The command is in the following two forms: 1. M I J 2. K ioutput If the command is kill, the corresponding output is the score of the homicide. (If this person does not exist, output 0) Sample Input5
100 90 66) 99 10
M 1 5
K 1
K 1
M 2 3
M 3 4
K 5
K 4
Sample Output



Bzoj 1455: Roman games (paired heap + and check set)

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