"bzoj-1552&3506" robotic sort& sort picker splay

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1552: [cerc2007]robotic sort time limit:5 Sec Memory limit:64 MB
submit:806 solved:329
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Enter a total of two lines, the first behavior of an integer n,n indicates the number of items, 1<=n<=100000. The second behavior n a positive integer separated by a space, representing the number of the first rank of n items.


Output a total line, n spaces separated by a positive integer p1,p2,p3 ... The PN,PI represents the position of the article I small before the first I operation. Note: If a small item of I has been placed in the correct position Pi before the first operation, we will reverse the interval [PI,PI] (single item).

Sample Input6
3 4 5 1 6 2
Sample Output4 6 4 5 6 6

HNOI2009 Training Day6


Splay Basic Operation ...

We first order the given sequence, the first keyword is the number, the second keyword is a timestamp, and then use the splay to maintain the sequential sequence can be

Or you can consider maintaining min and Pos

Splay to write often! It's as slow as * *

#include <iostream>#include<cstdio>#include<cstring>#include<algorithm>#include<cmath>using namespaceStd;inlineintRead () {intx=0;CharCh=GetChar ();  while(ch<'0'|| Ch>'9') {ch=GetChar ();}  while(ch>='0'&& ch<='9') {x=x*Ten+ch-'0'; Ch=GetChar ();} returnx;}#defineMAXN 100010intN,POS[MAXN];structnode{intid,t;} A[maxn];inlineBOOLCMP (Node A,node B) {returnA.id==b.id? a.t<b.t:a.id<b.id;}namespacesplaytree{intsize[maxn],root,sz,fa[maxn],son[maxn][2];BOOLREV[MAXN]; #defineLS (x) son[x][0]#defineRS (x) son[x][1]inlinevoidUpdate (intNow) {size[now]=size[ls-]+size[rs (now)]+1;} InlinevoidPushdown (intNow ) {        if(!rev[now])return; Rev[ls (now)]^=1; Rev[rs (now)]^=1; Swap (LS (now), RS (now)); rev[now]=0; } InlineBOOLRight (intNow) {returnson[fa[now]][1]==Now ;} InlinevoidRotateintNow ) {pushdown (Fa[now]);        Pushdown (now); intF=fa[now],gf=fa[f],wh=Right (now); SON[F][WH]=son[now][wh^1]; fa[son[f][wh]]=F; FA[F]=now; son[now][wh^1]=f; fa[now]=GF; if(GF) son[gf][son[gf][1]==f]=Now ; Update (f);    Update (now); } InlinevoidSplay (intNowinttar) {         for(intF (F=fa[now])! =tar; rotate (now))if(Fa[f]!=tar) rotate (now) ==right (f)?F:now); if(!tar) root=Now ; } InlineintGetX (intk) {intx=Root;  while(1) {pushdown (x); if(K<=size[ls (x)]) x=ls (x); Else if(K==size[ls (x)]+1)returnx; ElseK-=size[ls (x)]+1, x=rs (x); }        return-1; } InlineintGETK (intx) {splay (x,0);returnSize[ls (x)];} InlineintBuildtree (intLintRintLast ) {        if(r<l)return 0; intMid= (l+r) >>1, now=++sz; Pos[a[mid].id]=now; fa[now]=Last ; intLson=buildtree (l,mid-1, now), Rson=buildtree (mid+1, R,now); son[now][0]=lson; son[now][1]=Rson;        Update (now); returnNow ; } InlinevoidReverse (intLintR) {splay (L,0), splay (r,l); Rev[ls (RS (root))]^=1;} InlinevoidInit () {Root=buildtree (1, n+2,0);}}intMain () {N=read ();  for(intI=2, t=0; i<=n+1; i++) A[i].id=read (), a[i].t=++T; a[1].id=0; a[n+2].id=n+2; Stable_sort (A+2, a+n+2, CMP);  for(intI=1; i<=n; i++) a[a[i+1].t+1].id=i;//for (int i=1; i<=n+2; i++) printf ("%d", a[i].id); Puts ("");Splaytree::init ();  for(intI=1; i<=n; i++)        {            intLoc=SPLAYTREE::GETK (Pos[i]); intX=splaytree::getx (i), Y=splaytree::getx (loc+2);//printf ("%d%d\n", x, y);splaytree::reverse (x, y); printf ("%d%c", Loc,i!=n?' ':'\ n'); }    return 0;}

and char brother, Dragon Elder brother, guilt tune splay ... Feel mentally handicapped + +

"bzoj-1552&3506" robotic sort& sort picker splay

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