BZOJ3229 Stone Merge

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Description a row of n piles of stones in a playground. It is now necessary to merge the stones into a pile in order.  It is stipulated that each of the adjacent 2 stones can be merged into a new pile each time, and a new pile of stones is counted as the score of the merger. Try to design an algorithm that calculates the minimum score to combine n heap stones into a pile.  The first line of Input is a number n. The following n rows are a number a per line, representing the number of stones. Output

A total of one number, that is, n heap of stones combined into a pile of the smallest score.

Sample Input4

Sample Output8

For 100% of data, 1≤n≤40000

For 100% of data, 1≤a≤200

Positive solution: Garsiawachs Algorithm Problem solving report: The Magic algorithm, incredibly can be the stone merge to do O (Nlogn), incredible, feel afraid.  In the morning when the topic mentioned the use of quadrilateral inequalities can have monotonic n^2 optimization dp, but the face of 40000 of the data is still a little bit virtual. Shift Learning Garsiawachs algorithm: or details/45244733 not to be told in detail.
1 //It's made by jump~2#include <iostream>3#include <cstdlib>4#include <cstring>5#include <cstdio>6#include <cmath>7#include <algorithm>8#include <ctime>9#include <vector>Ten#include <queue> One#include <map> A#include <Set> - #ifdef WIN32 - #defineOT "%i64d" the #else - #defineOT "%lld" - #endif - using namespacestd; +typedefLong LongLL; - Const intINF =5201314; + Const intMAXN =40011; A intA[MAXN]; at intN; - LL ans; -  -InlineintGetint () - { -        intw=0, q=0; in        CharC=GetChar (); -         while((c<'0'|| C>'9') && c!='-') c=GetChar (); to        if(c=='-') q=1, c=GetChar (); +         while(c>='0'&& c<='9') w=w*Ten+c-'0', c=GetChar (); -        returnQ? -w:w; the } *  $InlinevoidWork () {Panax Notoginsengn=getint (); -      for(intI=1; i<=n;i++) a[i]=getint (); the     intm=N; +a[0]=a[n+1]=inf; A      for(intI=1; i<n;i++) {//not for the last time. the     intK; +      for(intj=1; j<=m;j++) {//from left to right, find the first k satisfying a[k−1]≤a[k+1] each time and merge A[k−1],a[k] -         if(a[j-1]<a[j+1]) {k=j; Break; } $     } $a[k-1]+=A[k]; -      for(intj=k;j<m;j++) a[j]=a[j+1];//Move left -ans+=a[k-1]; k--;//point to current processing node the      while(k>0&& a[k-1]<=a[k]) {//from the current position to the left to find the first a[j]>a[k−1]+a[k] J, insert the combined value behind J -Swap (a[k-1],a[k]);Wuyik--; the     } -a[m]=inf; Wum--; -     } About printf (Ot,ans); $ } -  - intMain () - { A Work (); +   return 0; the}

BZOJ3229 Stone Merge

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