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public void ssllearning ()



= New Remotecertificatevalidationcallback ((A, B, C, D) => {return true;});

Sslwebservice SWS = new Sslwebservice ();

Cws. Clientcertificates.add (

X509certificate.createfromcertfile (Path.GetFullPath (@). /.. /") + @" Resourcescerfile.cer "));

SwS. DoSomething ("Hello world!");


The above is a sample code that invokes SSL based WebService, where servicepointmanager.servercertificatevalidationcallback ... This code represents a validation of a server-side certificate (a certificate that is not issued by a Third-party authority, such as a build itself).

((A, B, C, D) => {return true;}) is a new attribute lambda expression for. Net 3.5 so that you do not have to write a function first and then pass in the function name to Remotecertificatevalidationcallback

Path.GetFullPath () can pass in a relative path, just like the example code. More convenient than AppDomain.CurrentDoman.BaseDirectory to filter strings.

The subsequent call procedure after setting the ClientCertificates is the same as the normal HTTP connection. Alas, although the call succeeded, but webservice in the. NET platform seems to be more ancient technology, online search of the book on WebService is only 2003 years, to refuel learning WCF!

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