C # Displays the record property values for the DataTable-specified row

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C # Displays the value of the record property for the specified row, generates a new DataRow with the NewRow () method in the DataTable, sets a value for the new DataRow DataColumn object, adds a new DataRow into the DataTable, creates a dataset and call the Mysqldataadapter fill method, get the Customers table from the myDataSet, the specific code is as follows:

View Sourceprint?01using System;

02using System.Data;

03using System.Data.SqlClient;

04namespace Modifydatabase


Modifydatabase public class

07 {

08//Display the Record property value for the specified row

The public static void Displaydatarow (

Ten DataRow MyDataRow,

One DataTable mydatatable


13 {

Console.WriteLine ("NIn Displaydatarow ()");

foreach (DataColumn mydatacolumn in Mydatatable.columns)

16 {

Console.WriteLine (mydatacolumn + "=" +




public static void Adddatarow (

DataTable mydatatable,

SqlDataAdapter Mysqldataadapter,

SqlConnection mysqlconnection


26 {

Console.WriteLine ("NIn Adddatarow ()");

28//using the NewRow () method in the DataTable to generate a new DataRow

Console.WriteLine ("Calling Mydatatable.newrow ()");

DataRow Mynewdatarow = Mydatatable.newrow ();

Console.WriteLine ("Mynewdatarow.rowstate =" +


33//Set numeric values for new DataRow DataColumn objects

mynewdatarow["CustomerID"] = "jxcom";

mynewdatarow["CompanyName"] = "Jx Company";

mynewdatarow["Address"] = "1 Main Street";

37//Add new DataRow to the DataTable

Console.WriteLine ("Calling MyDataTable.Rows.Add ()");


Console.WriteLine ("Mynewdatarow.rowstate =" +


42//Push the new line into the database

Console.WriteLine ("Calling Mysqldataadapter.update ()");

Mysqlconnection.open ();

the int numofrows = Mysqldataadapter.update (mydatatable);

Mysqlconnection.close ();

Console.WriteLine ("numofrows =" + numofrows);

Console.WriteLine ("Mynewdatarow.rowstate =" +


Displaydatarow (Mynewdatarow, mydatatable);


The public static void Main ()

53 {

SqlConnection mysqlconnection =

New SqlConnection (



58//SqlCommand object to create SELECT statement

SqlCommand Myselectcommand = Mysqlconnection.createcommand ();

Myselectcommand.commandtext =

"Select CustomerID, CompanyName, address" +

"From Customers" +

"Order by CustomerID";

64//Create INSERT statement SqlCommand object

SqlCommand Myinsertcommand = Mysqlconnection.createcommand ();

Myinsertcommand.commandtext =

"INSERT into Customers (" +

"CustomerID, CompanyName, address" +

") VALUES (" +

"@CustomerID, @CompanyName, @Address" +

71 ")";


5, "CustomerID");


, "CompanyName");


, "address");

78//Create SqlDataAdapter and set appropriate properties

SqlDataAdapter mysqldataadapter = new SqlDataAdapter ();

Mysqldataadapter.selectcommand = Myselectcommand;

Bayi Mysqldataadapter.insertcommand = Myinsertcommand;

82//Create DataSet and Invoke Mysqldataadapter Fill method

The DataSet myDataSet = new DataSet ();

Console.WriteLine ("Calling Mysqldataadapter.fill ()");

Mysqlconnection.open ();

int numofrows =

Mysqldataadapter.fill (myDataSet, "Customers");

Mysqlconnection.close ();

Console.WriteLine ("numofrows =" + numofrows);

90//Get Customers table from myDataSet

mydataset.tables[DataTable customersdatatable = "Customers"];

92///Add a new row to the Customers table

Adddatarow (CustomersDataTable, Mysqldataadapter,





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