C # Fuzzy search of ComboBox is implemented under WinCE, which is very convenient

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Private ComboBox ComboBoxCurrent = new ComboBox (); private ListView ListViewCurrent = new ListView (); private string strFlag = ""; private void P_DefinListViewPosition (Panel panelTemp) {System. drawing. point Location = new System. drawing. point (0, ComboBoxCurrent. location. Y + ComboBoxCurrent. height); int Height = panelTemp. height-(ComboBoxCurrent. location. Y + ComboBoxCurrent. height)-30; if (Hei Ght <60) {Location = new Point (3, 50); Height = ComboBoxCurrent. location. y-50;} ListViewCurrent. location = new Point (3, Location. Y + panelTemp. location. y); ListViewCurrent. height = Height; ListViewCurrent. backColor = Color. lightBlue; // ListViewCurrent. items [0]. backColor = System. drawing. color. blue; // ListViewCurrent. items [0]. selected = true; this. listViewCurrent. visible = true;} private void P_ListView_ICItem_DoubleClick (object sender, EventArgs e) {ListViewCurrent. visible = false; if (ListViewCurrent. selectedIndices. count = 0) {return;} DataRow row = this. listViewCurrent. items [this. listViewCurrent. selectedIndices [0]. tag as DataRow; // strFlag ComboBoxCurrent. text = row ["FName"]. toString (); ComboBoxCurrent. tag = row; ComboBoxCurrent. focus ();} private void P_ListView_KeyDown (obje Ct sender, KeyEventArgs e) {if (e. keyCode = Keys. return) {P_ListView_ICItem_DoubleClick (sender, e); return;} if (e. keyCode = Keys. escape) {ListViewCurrent. visible = false; ComboBoxCurrent. focus (); return ;}} private void P_comboBox_KeyDown (object sender, KeyEventArgs e) {if (e. keyCode = Keys. return/* & listViewToControl. visible = false */) {string FNumber = ComboBoxCurrent. text. trim (); If (FNumber. Length <2) {labelStatus. Text = "the search condition is too short. Enter the query condition! "; Return;} string strSQL = @" select top 50t_ICItem.FItemID, t_ICItem.FNumber, t_ICItem.FName, t_ICItem.FModel, t1.FName as FUnitNamefrom t_ICItem Left Join t_MeasureUnit t1 on region = t1.FItemID where t_ICItem.FNumber like '% "+ FNumber + @" %' or t_ICItem.FName like '% "+ FNumber + @" % '"; dataTable tableTemp = new DataTable (); Cursor. current = Cursors. waitCursor; uint uiBeginTime = BaseWin3 2Function. GetTickCount (); // timing start if (true! = ClassWebService. WebGetDataSetFromService (strSQL, ref tableTemp) {labelStatus. Text = "the network times out. Please try again or check the network connection status! "+ CPublicParameters. P_ReturnTimePassed (uiBeginTime). ToString (); return; // if the network fails, return directly.} If (CPublicParameters. GetDataTableCountAll (tableTemp) <1) {labelStatus. Text = "no records found. Please perform the operation again! "+ CPublicParameters. p_ReturnTimePassed (uiBeginTime ). toString (); return;} labelStatus. text = "found records" + CPublicParameters. getDataTableCountAll (tableTemp ). toString () + @ ", please press the up or down key to select! "+ CPublicParameters. p_ReturnTimePassed (uiBeginTime ). toString (); CPublicParameters. datatableSort (ref tableTemp, "FNumber"); ListViewCurrent. items. clear (); ListViewCurrent. beginUpdate (); for (int I = 0; I <CPublicParameters. getDataTableCountAll (tableTemp); I ++) {DataRow dtRow = tableTemp. rows [I]; ListViewItem lv = new ListViewItem (new string [] {dtRow ["FNumber"]. toString (), dtRow ["FName"]. toString ()}); lv. tag = dtRow; ListViewCurrent. items. add (lv);} ListViewCurrent. columns [0]. text = "product code"; ListViewCurrent. columns [0]. width = 100; ListViewCurrent. columns [1]. text = "name"; ListViewCurrent. columns [1]. width = 140; this. listViewCurrent. endUpdate (); P_DefinListViewPosition (panel6); return;} if (e. keyCode = Keys. up & ListViewCurrent. visible = true) {ListViewCurrent. focus (); return;} if (e. keyCode = Keys. down & ListViewCurrent. visible = true) {ListViewCurrent. focus (); return;} if (e. keyCode = Keys. escape | e. keyCode = Keys. f14) & ListViewCurrent. visible = true) {ListViewCurrent. visible = false; return ;}} private void comboBox10_KeyDown (object sender, KeyEventArgs e) {ComboBoxCurrent = comboBox10; ListViewCurrent = listView1; P_comboBox_KeyDown (sender, e );} private void listviewincluitemactivate (object sender, EventArgs e) {P_ListView_ICItem_DoubleClick (sender, e);} private void listView1_KeyDown (object sender, KeyEventArgs e) {if (e. keyCode = Keys. return) {P_ListView_ICItem_DoubleClick (sender, e); return;} if (e. keyCode = Keys. escape) {ListViewCurrent. visible = false; ComboBoxCurrent. focus ();}}

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